How to Add Contacts to Alexa 2022 [Full Info]


In this article we’ll discuss the steps to add Contacts to Alexa.

The Alexa app lets you manually input contact details for those you want to speak with via an Alexa-enabled device such as Echo Dot or the Echo Dot or Echo Show. Begin with opening up your Alexa app from your phone and then selecting “Communication” in the menu on the bottom. To open the icon for a person move to the upper-right corner on the display. To the right of “Contacts,” tap the three dots located in the top right-hand corner. Choose “Add Contact” and then enter the required information about your contact.

How do I add Contacts to Alexa Utilizing Alexa? Alexa App

  • Download and open the Alexa application If you don’t have it.
  • After that, click then on then the Communicate icon to initiate an online chat.
  • Touch the symbol of a person in the upper-right corner of the screen to open the menu.
  • To open the menu with three buttons that appears in the upper-right corner of your contact list Select this option from the drop-down list of contacts.
  • Choose the Import Contacts option on the drop-down menu.
  • If Import Contacts hasn’t currently enabled, click the toggle icon in blue in order to enable it.
  • With Alexa you can request her to contact or message anyone in your list, or tell Alexa to “drop-in” on people who also own Alexa devices.
  • Making changes to contacts can be made in the contacts app first, and then you can do it in the Alexa app will be activated. All of your contacts in your address book will be imported automatically in Alexa. Alexa app.

How do I add an Individual Contact to Alexa

There’s a chance that you don’t require importing your entire contacts into Alexa. Or, you might want to add a brand new name in your list. If you do you can create distinct entries within Alexa. Alexa application. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch your Alexa app and select to select the Communicate option.
  • Contacts can be accessed through clicking on them in the Contacts menu on the lower-right-hand corner.
  • Click on the three-dot menu icon located in the upper-right corner of your screen to open the menu.
  • After selecting Add Contact, enter the information required.
  • After you’re done, press”Save”.

How Can I Make phone calls using Alexa?

Once you’ve setup an Alexa Calling service Here’s how you can make phone calls with your Alexa application and command voice once you’ve completed.

  • “Alexa Call [person on your contacts list],” you could say. Calling someone can be made using a myriad of additional voice commands.
  • Alexa will contact the person or call the number. The light on the device turns green when Alexa calls.
  • To stop the phone call To end the call, simply make the following command “Alexa end call” or “Alexa, hang up” or “Alexa to end the calling” for the assistant virtual.

Could The Alexa App be used on two phones?

It’s true that the Echo Auto isn’t Amazon’s greatest or most flexible device. It’s an easy method of connecting your Echo car to Alexa’s Internet connected technology. It comes with a few limitations that you can’t get in a personal device or computer.

It is also possibility to hook up more than one device to the Echo Auto, although the procedure is not easy. When you have two devices connected with it and have two phones connected to it in Echo Auto simultaneously, it appears to randomly select one to connect to from its own. It’s not possible to have both connected simultaneously and this can be a bit frustrating.

In order to set to connect your Echo Auto with a new phone, you’ll have to make sure that the phone that you previously linked to won’t automatically connect to your new phone when you begin the setup. Also, ensure that you’ve turned off Bluetooth on your current phone prior to beginning.

Make sure that you’re Echo Auto is properly connected to the power source that came with it. Also, ensure that it is connected with your Echo Auto using either the additional wire that came in the box or Bluetooth. It is necessary to follow these steps in order to enable get the Alexa app on two phones.

  • Start your car and your Echo Auto at the same at the same time.
  • Bluetooth is required to be turned on for the phone that is connecting to it.
  • Continue pressing your Action button in the Echo Auto until the display bar begins to glow the color orange.
  • The Alexa application can be located on the home screen of the phone you’d like to connect to.
  • Choose Devices in the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the plus button.
  • Click Add Device to open the menu.
  • Amazon Echo may be activated by pressing the button.
  • Choose Echo Auto from the drop-down menu.
  • For the pairing process to be completed to complete pairing, follow any other onscreen instructions.

The same process can be repeated repeatedly to connect additional tablets or phones to Echo Auto. Echo Auto. Make sure that Bluetooth is off on any device that were previously connected to it.

How to Interact with Contacts With Alexa

After you’ve added a contact and you’ve added them to your contacts, you can touch it to find out more about the ways you can contact the person. Contacts without any Alexa account will only see the details you’ve saved in your contacts app . This information will be displayed for them whenever they contact them. Contacts who have the Alexa account will display messages or calls as well as drop-in icons displayed alongside their names. To allow them to reach you directly via your Echo device, enable the Allow Drop-In feature under the settings for Allow Drop-In. You are now able to direct Alexa to call or send messages to any of your contacts as well as drop-in to those who have Alexa accounts, if you would like.

What is the reason why Alexa cannot find my contact information?

The first thing you’ll have to check is the Internet connection in your phone to be sure that it’s working correctly. Your phone should be connected via a Wi-Fi connection that is not metered and it is important to ensure that you’re not using a VPN or restrictions on your device that could cause the issue.


Alexa the virtual assistant provided by Amazon has now allowed users to make phone calls with the Echo devices. Alexa connects to Alexa connections as well as Alexa Calling and messaging are very useful especially if you’re working in your home. To make calls or send messages using Alexa’s Alexa phones, users need to first install and download the Alexa application on your phone. By using the app on your phone it is possible to organize all of your personal contact details.

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