HBO Max Not Working on PS4 and PS5? Here are Quick Fixes

HBO Max Not Working on PS4 and PS5

Consoles in the past were exclusively intended to play games. As time went on they became an all-round entertainment system capable of handling games as well as music, movies, and even casual browsing.

The streaming services that are available on demand, such as HBO Max, Netflix as well as Disney+ support both the Playstation as well as Xbox platforms.

However, some users have reported problems in problems with HBO Max app for the PS4 and PS5. As compared with the version for mobile, HBO Max for Playstation consoles appears to be unstable and fails to function occasionally.

To assist fellow Playstation players We’ve come up with an instruction guide to fix HBO Max if it is not working properly on either the PS4 as well as the PS5.

Let’s get started!

1. Check HBO Max Servers.

The first thing you should do whenever you experience problems with HBO Max for any platform is the status on its server.

This can be done by using third-party software like Downdetector. It’s a website that displays the status of various applications such as HBO Max, Netflix, Facebook and others.

As server-related issues can only be resolved at HBO Max’s end The best option now is to wait for the servers to be restored. However, you may explore the other strategies below and hope one of them will work.

2. Try Watching Another Show.

If you’re unable to stream your preferred programs via HBO Max for the PS4 or PS5 It could be because it is not available. For confirmation, select an unrelated title from the media library, and then check whether the same problem occurs.

Follow the final procedure below if any other channels available on HBO Max are working to signal the issue to their teams.

3. Re-Login to Your HBO Max Account.

There are bugs that can be found in some of the HBO Max app and could cause your user’s data to become corrupt. If this occurs, you could encounter issues using the app, or a show that is on HBO Max may not play on your console.

To resolve this issue you must log to the HBO Max account to refresh your account’s data.

Use the following steps to guide you through the procedure:

  1. To begin, log in to first to your HBO Max account via an internet browser.
  2. Click to open the profile tab. Profileand navigate to Manage Devices..
  3. Find you PlayStation 4or PS5 from the list, then select on the sign out button.

After that, wait about 2 to 3 minutes before logging into Your HBO Max account to allow your account to be reset. You can use the app for several minutes to see if issues persist within the platform.

4. Check and Reset Your Internet.

HBO Max requires an internet connection of 5 Mbps in order to stream HD shows and utilize its platform with no issues. In the event that HBO Max is not working on your PS4 or PS4 or PS4, your internet connection might be slow.

To verify this, run tests with your network by using to check your connection’s speed.

If your internet connection is not stable or slow, reboot your router in order to restore the connection to the internet provider you use.

Do a test of the network following restarting it in order to see whether the issue is resolved. Call your Internet service provider in the event that you find that your connection remains slow or insecure to inform them of the problem with their service.

However you should consider upgrading your plan if your speed is less than 5 Mbps, to avoid any issues in the future.

5. Turn Off VPN.

Another reason behind HBO Max not to work on your PS4 or PS5 is the virtual private networks. These services offer security to your network, and permit you to bypass the restrictions put in place by the ISP.

If you’ve got any VPNs installed in your router you can try shutting it off before you access your HBO Max. Contact the administrator of your network if you’re not the one setting the VPN and request that they switch it off.

On the other side take the steps below to stop you VPN on the router side:

  1. The first step is to connect to the gateway of your router using the browser. The standard gateway will be,but it can vary based on your settings.
  2. In the next step, search for a link that says ‘ VPN‘ or ‘ VPN Service on the router’s settings page.
  3. Last but not least, stop Your VPNand restart your router.

Once you’ve finished, return after that to HBO Max on your PS4 or PS5 to determine whether the issue is resolved.

You could also test other VPNs, such as PureVPN If you don’t want to browse the internet without security. In comparison to other VPNs, it is compatible with other applications and keeps your connection speedy and stable.

6. Restart Your PS4 or PS5.

One of the easiest and efficient methods to correct issues with devices is reset the system. This will enable the device to reload all its files and fix any bugs or glitches that might have occurred.

If you’re using PS4 or a PS4 Follow the steps below to reboot your device:

  1. Then, visit the PlayStation 4. The main screen and open to the powertab.
  2. Then, choose the Power Option.
  3. Then, click on your Start PS4option and then press the Oor X button to confirm the action.

For PS5 users, see the steps below to restart your console:

  1. If you have a PS5 Access your Control Center by pressing the Playstation button on the Dual Sense Controller.
  2. Then scroll to the left and click from the power Optionstab.
  3. Lastly, highlight then the option to restart PS5 option and then press on the button O or the X button to confirm.

When you restart your device, you can go through HBO Max to check if the issue is resolved.

7. Update Your PS4 or PS5.

Like all devices, Playstation consoles receive updates to ensure it is up-to-date and optimised for the various applications it can support. When HBO Max is not working on your PS4 or PS5 Try to determine whether there are any updates in the pipeline to your device.

On the PS4 You can check for updates by following these steps:

  1. To begin, go to the Settings menu on the PlayStation 4 and then go to System Software Update..
  2. Next, click on the update nowoption.
  3. Finally, follow the on-screen prompts if you have available updates that you can install.

For the PS5, follow the guide below to update its software:

  1. In your console go to your console’s Settingsand select Systemtab. Systemtab.
  2. Then, go then to Systems Software then click on Systems Software Setup and Update.
  3. Follow the prompts on screen to upgrade the firmware on your Playstation 5..

After you have updated the firmware on your Playstation console, you can go back and go back to HBO Max to check if there’s any problems that persist.

8. Update HBO Max.

HBO Max also requires regular updates to ensure that the app is functioning for the Playstation console. If you encounter issues making use of HBO Max, try checking for updates for the application in your system.

For the PS4 you can download an update for HBO Max by doing the following:

  1. Then, navigate to your home screen, and then locate your home screen and then click on the HBO Max app.
  2. Then after that, hit on the Optionbutton of your device to open the menu on the side.
  3. Then, choose the option to check for updatesand hit the Oor X button to confirm your decision.

If you own a PS5 system, it will automatically update every application and games on your system.

After that, return after that to HBO Max and check if the issue has been resolved.

9. Reinstall HBO Max.

If the update failed to succeed, you can try installing your HBO Max app on your Playstation 4 or Playstation 5. The files could have become corrupted after a failed update or when servers suddenly stopped working.

On your PS4 Follow these steps to uninstall HBO Max:

  1. First, find first the HBO Maxapp in your library.
  2. Choose HBO Maxand hit on the buttons for Options to your control.
  3. Then, click on the option to delete option and then press on the or or the X button on your controller to confirm the move.

For PS5 users, see the steps below to uninstall HBO Max:

  1. Within your library search for your library, locate the HBO Max app and click the Optionsbutton.
  2. Then, click the deleteoption from the menu to the side.
  3. Then you can click your oror or the X buttonon your controller to continue the procedure.

After you’ve deleted HBO Max, go to the PS Store and then reinstall the application from there.

Once you’ve finished, run HBO Max for several minutes to see if you be experiencing any issues with the platform.

10. Reset Your Playstation Settings.

It is possible that you have modified the settings of your console to increase the performance of your console or decrease lags when playing games. But, the settings you altered might not be compatible with different apps, making the games to stop working.

To correct this issue, reset the settings on your PS4 or PS5 to the default settings.

On your PS4 Follow the steps below to reset the configuration of your PS4:

  1. Then, visit your console’s Options page on your console and choose the option to initialize PS4.
  2. Then you need to hit on the “O”or the X buttonon your controller to confirm.
  3. Then, click Restore the default settings.

For PS5 users, check the steps below to reset your settings:

  1. In your PS5 open on the settings page and choose System..
  2. Then, select the System Software and then select Reset Options..
  3. Select Reset your Console and then click the Resetbutton to initiate the process.

After you have reset your Playstation’s settings Go back to you HBO Max account to check whether the issue has been resolved.

11. Change Your DNS.

The default DNS of your ISP could be down and your console may be not able to connect to HBO Max’s servers. For this issue try a different DNS and test if the issue is resolved.

You can modify your DNS by following these steps:

  1. To begin, visit the main screen and choose ‘ Setup Internet Connection‘.
  1. Then, select Customand then go to Personal WiFi..
  2. After that, visit then the DNStab and then click the Manual.
  3. Finally, set your Primary DNS for as well as Secondary DNS at Select Automatic in the other choices and then close the network configurations.

After that After that, return and open HBO Max and check if it is working for you PS4 or PS5.

12. Try Connecting Using an Ethernet Cable.

It is possible that your PS4 or PS5 may not be receiving sufficient signals from the wireless networks, which can result in poor quality internet. Connect the console to your router via the Ethernet cable to fix any signal or reception issues on your wireless network.

After that, return in your HBO Max app and check whether the issue is resolved.

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