Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash For Season 2 2018

After the successful release and hit of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash from the series of Ao Jumonji’s Fantasy light novel, everyone is waiting for its second part very eagerly which is Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash season 2. The Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash novel was released in the year 2013 and after its great success, an anime adaptation was declared during 2015 which later got aired in Tokyo in the year 2016. Since the first part it has been 2 years and everyone is waiting for the second part but there is still no information about it.


This most wonderful and popular anime Hai to Gensou no grimgar was launched by the Crunchyroll and Funimation and it achieves global success by the end of 2017. as still there is no information about Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash season 2 fans are curious to know about its latest update and news.

 Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash For Season 2 2018

Rumors related to the release date of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash season 2

As the official release date for the Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2 has still not declared but there are many rumors which are coming related to this season from which one is related to its release date. Many fans are whispering that this will release in the year 2018 and now its been around half of the year without any official announcement. The international license for Grimgar part 1 is in hands of Funimation, therefore, an official declaration will be done by them. After lots of rumors anime fans for the second season are really disappointed due to the lack of any news from A-1 Pictures, Funimation of TOHO Animation. It has been a long time since first part got its release. It has been also found by one member of My anime list that A-1 Pictures is going to update their anime shows in 2018 so there are more chances of its release in the year 2019.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar casting and plotting

For substituting a good anime show and providing the best story for Hai to Gensou no Grimgar the author of novel Ao Jyumonji has released total 9 volumes and volume 10 is also going to release in other languages as it is currently available only in Japanese. The storyline of Grimgar anime has only been covered from volume 1 and 2 which clearly indicates that other parts will get released later. If we talk about the plotting of the first season it comes up with a great start, screencast and gameplay, let us discuss some more interesting facts related to it.

This awesome fantasy show starts up with the completely new world for the viewers in which the characters do not have any memory of their past lives except their own names. The only thing which they know is to kill everyone who comes in their way despite known or unknown. Later they learn that if a proper alliance will form a powerful group will develop which will let them survive to the end without losses. All strong members of this anime form up a group by joining hands with each other while the weak ones left apart. When the weaklings realize no one is there with them and they are alone, they all come up by forming their own group.

The loners in this group are named as Priest Manato, Mage Shihoru, Beast Moguzo, Theif Haurhiro, Hunter Yume. Dark knight Ranata and at last healer Mary. The leader of this group is Manato and they all start hunting down the goblins and getting rewards from loot. The rewards they earn from loot can be spent on purchasing food, clothes and other important things for themselves. Without knowing what they are do, the group becomes a merciless killer with killing attitude, after getting excited from their lots of previous actions they all decided to grab something bigger and ends up by deciding to attack the goblin army of medium sized but unfortunately there plan backfires and they got attacked by the army of Goblins.

In this large battle leader, Manato got killed and other members become sad and depressed due to this loss then Haruhiro becomes the new leader of this group, without even having any knowledge of leadership he accepted the proposal and start leading his group. After this battle, a new member Mary comes up in the group who is a healer and priest like Manato and she has cold and ruthless nature. Mary becomes alone after losing her all friends in the death spot of giant Kobold. Haruhiro allows her to join group despite other group members who do not like her to be there.

Soon Mary becomes the important part of the group as she heals many members after a battle which are very precious for the group. Within this meantime of every battle and loots, the members of the group try to recover their lost identity and past life but fail. By this, the first part got a drastic end. Now, the fans want to know whether the group will survive till the end or not? Will they recover their memory of dark past? Will they remain same as merciless killers for their rest of life or will they kill by the monsters and other strong large groups? There are lots of questions which are needed to be answered and to get them all fans are waiting for the Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash season 2 for a long time.

The first season of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash was of 12 episodes and got aired from  January 2016 to March 2016 and got produced by the A-1 pictures studio. There is no perfect and solid declaration but during an event of 2018, the spokesperson of A1 pictures Tomonori Ochikoshi says that they will bring renewed animes in this year but there is no clear pointing related to Grimgar series.

Expecting a release of season 2

As there is still no clear declaration but from all whispers and talks, we can estimate that the Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2 will get aired in the year 2019 there are more probabilities of its release. Don’t get disappointed there are more positive hopes and it is also sure that second part will definitely arrive in which fans will get an answer to their all questions left by season 1.

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