Green Light On Your Alexa: It Mean And Way to Turn It Off

Green Light On Your Alexa

Being able to work with Alexa is an enjoyable experience for itself. According to the dictionary it’s an assistant virtual and an excellent one. There are numerous tasks the device can perform for you. From singing to telling stories, to turning off the lights, she or as they say has been a wonderful partner to many.

Sometimes she’s gorgeous to gaze at and all the rainbow colors flashing one after other. These colors, which include green, yellow and red, each have their own facts to share with you. It is crucial to know the reason Alexa shows each color. For instance, if you see a flashing and rotating green light, it indicates that you’re either engaged in a call or have an on-going call. If the flashing red light appears make sure your microphone is turned off. It is possible to press the mute button again to ensure that Alexa will be able to hear you again. The yellow light will let you know that there’s an incoming message. You can request Alexa to record the audio to you, and watch the light fade away.

The article concerns shutting off green lights, let’s be focused on this. A lot of people are searching for how to switch off their green lighting. It’s a fact that the light can be distracting when you are trying to concentrate on something else, or on the phone with an important phone call, or trying to sleep. There are several options that are listed below to help out. Try any of the suggestions below options to prevent the light flashing green.

Go For “Do Not Disturb” Option

The echo device features an “do not disturb” option which is useful when you’re engaged in the business of a lifetime. Naturally, you do not want to be disturbed during these time. It is possible to turn off”do not disturb,” and then select the “do not disturb” option so that the light green won’t blink anymore. Be aware that this will stop all alerts. There are two methods by which you can enable this feature. You can turn it on manually it on , or request Alexa to turn it on for you.

If you request Alexa to switch on “do not disturb,” the answer you receive can be “I won’t disturb you”. It’s so simple to believe, isn’t it? No green light, no more alerts. If you’d like to receive alerts, just ask “Alexa, turn off do not disturb.” This will enable you to receive alerts again, and naturally, after back the green signal.

The ability to turn to”do not disturb” or the “do not disturb” mode by hand is also not difficult. If you’re having problems with the voice commands, turning it on manually is a better choice. These steps will assist to turn off”do not disturb” mode “do not disturb” mode by hand.

  • Start Alexa on your smartphone. Alexa application on your smartphone
  • Open devices
  • Press Echo & Alexa
  • Tap on your device
  • Select the option”Do Not Disturb”
  • Switch it on, and then enable Do Not Disturb.

Now you can see that there’s no flashing light when you receive calls or receive other notifications. If you want to receive notifications again, just follow the same procedure, and in the final step, turn your Do Not Disturb feature off. After that, you’ll receive notifications while the green indicator will turn now on.

Do Something About The Incoming Call

It was previously mentioned that the green light signifies an incoming phone call. Naturally, you can decide to choose one of the three choices to answer the phone or cancel it, or simply ignore it. If you do not answer the phone the green light continues blinking to attract your attention. If you do answer the phone and you get the green light spinning. This is a sign that there’s an active call taking place. When the call is over there’s nothing else you have to do, the green light goes off immediately.

If you decide to end the call and then call back, the green light will turn off immediately. If you receive calls it will be lit. Similar to for ignoring calls. While the green light is turned off at present the light will flash when the next alert is received. This means that there is no escape from the green light that is flashing in this situation. It is evident that this is only temporary fix, not in contrast to that of the “do not disturb” option.

Disconnect Alexa From Your Device

When you receive calls on your phone you’ll see that Alexa is flashing green to send you a call alert. If you do not respond to the call, the light will keep moving, indicating that there is that the call is ongoing. It is possible to avoid this through disconnecting Alexa from your mobile. This will mean that Alexa will no longer notify you via notifications. If you’re okay with this, this is an excellent option to consider. Take these steps in order to remove Alexa to your mobile.

  • Go to Alexa app
  • Select Devices
  • Select Echo & Alexa
  • Choose your device
  • Tap on Bluetooth devices.
  • Choose the phone to which it is currently connected, and then tap Forget

After this has been completed after that, there won’t be further green light for your Alexa. If you would like to receive notifications, you’ll need to reconnect your phone back to the Alexa device. This will allow that green indicator to be displayed when you receive calls. These steps can be used for every device you want to get rid of.

The switch to turn off green lights isn’t difficult to do. It’s all about the type of solution you prefer: a permanent solution that doesn’t require you to be able to see it again or a temporary fix where periodic blinking light is fine for you. You can use “do not disturb” mode or disconnection of the device will complete the job when the green light is not acceptable during your work and distractions are not acceptable. In all other cases, you can choose to respond, ignore or block the phone.

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