April 10, 2012

Design in Process Part I

We wanted to kickstart the conversation with you here on GMS, and so we'd like to start today by looping you in on the design process here at Ghostly. As you know, the artwork of the albums is central to capturing what we internally refer to as the "'isness", or the essence of the sound. 

We're working on the next Shigeto release now, a single called 'Huron River Drive' from the Lineage EP. We'll be pressing this one to vinyl. Mike Cina worked with Zach (Shigeto) to establish a theme that revolves around Zach's family history. To find out more on that, check out this article.

Mike's creative process is varied, but for this release he'll be expanding on the Lineage look and feel to create the digital front cover. Today he sent over some initial sketches to Shigeto to see if a direction like this would work, and we'll go back and forth as long as it takes to get the final cover.

Mike Cina: "It took me a bit to establish the proper look and feel for Shigeto's new album and once I finally settled on something that felt right, we knew that this visual theme would play out and expand over time. Since this is a remix for "Huron River Drive," I wanted to keep with a consistent theme, while also being able to give myself a little room to expand. Since this is a single for remixes, I feel that there is even more room to explore. 
Option 1

The first round (excerpts shown here) consisted of ~10 images with different looks to get a gauge on what Zach is comfortable with. Since I have worked with him a bit, I am a bit more loose on what I send. I consider these 'conversation starters' and don't spend a lot of time setting text or anything. All that is a waste of time if they are rejected. 
Once he gives me some feedback I will expand it out, add some text and send one or two more ideas off of what he picked or what I think he wants.
Option 2

After I sent the first round to Zach, he came back with his top three and we narrowed it down to a more specific direction that I could jump off of and really explore a bit more. The image below is from the second round of work shown. The image is from his family archives, which we will explain and expand on more in the future."
Option 3
Here's a stream of the song to connect the dots. 


So here we are. We don't know if this will be the final cover or not but we would love to hear what you think so far.

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