Gate Season 3: What You Can Expect, Release Date 2018

Gate Season 3

Anime fans who are waiting for Gate season 3 there is a good news, the next season for Gate has been announced by the producers but still, there is no official declaration for its release. In both seasons there were in total 26 episodes with a great story and lots of twist and heat. Gate is an adaptation of Japanese novel Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri whose author is Takumi Yanai, till now it has been aired in two anime series and the third one is also getting discussed.

Gate season 1 was aired within total 12 episodes from July to September 2015 and the second season was aired from January to March 2016 which was also composed of total 12 episodes. These both seasons of Gate earned a great success and attracts a huge audience through its screenplay. After all, these anime fans are waiting very excitedly for the Gate season 3. The story of this anime revolves around the strategy of aliens which took place in the year 2006. After the release of season 2, producers face problem related to the source material for the release of next season but now it has been announced officially that material for season 3 is on progress.

In starting during the release of Gate it was been criticized a lot for its political propaganda despite this fans loved both seasons. There were myths that this anime will only last for one season from July 2015 to March 2016 in meanwhile it was divided into two each of 12 episodes with back to back seasons but now its been too long and fans are wondering whether next season will ever take place or not but now both companies Madman and Sentai Film works has said that work on season 3 is ongoing and on hold. First two season were taken from the 4 volumes of the series light novel.

Gate Season 3

What is there in Gate anime series?

Gate is basically a place in Japan a city with normal life suddenly for a change one day something mysterious happens in the sky a portal aka gate opens from where some medieval warriors come out looks completely different and unique these warriors are elves, dragons, and ogres who are completely destroying everything which comes in their way. There, in Gate a Self defense force soldier Yoji Itami lives who is 33 years old he saves the life of many people during a battle with those creepy creatures. The Japan forces got impressed by Yoji’s work and send him to another world beyond Gate for finding why war happens.

In this mission there were three girls who are with Yoji named as Lelei La Lelena Rory Mercury, Tuka Luna Marceau and Yao Haa Dushi, during this adventure lelei, Tuka and Rory become an admirer of Itami. Rory is an old demi goddess of 961 years, Tuka is an old elf of 165 years and Lelei the youngest one is a 15 year old magician. The last girls named Yoo ha was also an elf girl who is 300 years old and she is the one who is helping Yoji with this adventure. All girls without considering their actual age behave like teen girls after it this leads to the controversy in this series where all girls are the teenager while Yoji is 33 years old and this attracts anime lovers.

The Princess Pina colada who rules over a great empire of another world met Yoji, they both want to have peace in between the worlds but later soon tensions start spreading due to betrayals and internal politics of both world. This first season of Gate shows aspects of politics and the roles or behavior of different governments and was focused on the travel of Yoji who soon becomes the respected man in both worlds.

The sequence of betrayal and politics continued for the second season with a dark nature and soon it turns into a war between both worlds. Yoji put his all efforts for maintaining peace but due to internal politics, he does not be able to fulfill his goal. The sister of Pina Co Lada, Zorzal betrays his own family and everyone as he wanted to destroy Japan and go in the war. In this second season nothing much took place, at last, Yoji scares Zorzal and managed him to run off in exile and by the end princess, Pina Co Lada after the act of Zorzal was declared as the crowned Queen.

By all these actions and circumstances season 1 and 2 gets up to an end. Now, after this pleasant end it is difficult to guess what will be there in Gate Season 3 will it continue with the story of betrayal and politics or something else will happen it all is like a mystery which can only be disclosed after the release of season 3.

For a guess we all remember about Zorzal who is very angry and still hates Yoji and wants to destroy Japan and on other instance we also discover some feelings of attraction between Tuka and Yoji so maybe he will disclose his feeling to her and after that the Rory and Hardy and their arc will definitely be going to be interesting. So, there is still no confirmed news related to Gate season 3 and with a positive review, it has been declared that season 3 script is on work and this will be a conclusion sequel.

In starting there were hopes of the release in the year 2017 but now as 2018 is going on so we can expect the release of Gate season 3 at the end of the year 2018 or in the starting of 2019. This season will be going to be really interesting as the storyline is still a mystery just with some hopes and guess maybe for a change we will see something unexpected and revealed during this next season. There is no other option except wait and guesses and for sure this wait will not become waste and give a hit like other two seasons.


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