Have you ever seen the error “Your Country Does Not Match The One Set In Your Profile Spotify”. The error is itself declaring the problem at front of you.

This error is common in the spotify because it is possible that you are traveling to another country and want to use the spotify.

Your Country Does Not Match The One Set In Your Profile Spotify

Most of the users prefer to being a free user of spotify. It errors comes at their app screen because they have mentioned another country in their spotify profile and trying to listening the song from the different country.

Only free users face this problem. The Spotify premium users get the unlimited travel time, so they don’t need to think about it.

So now you got to know the reason behind this issue. If you want to resolve it, then I would suggest you upgrading your account to premium because it will give you lots of benefits in very less price.

This only happens when you travel to another country than your registered country in the spotify profile.

Another solution of this issue is to set the country correctly.

If you aren’t getting proper solution this issue then connect with this Spotify support team from this contact form. Here you will get the proper resolution of your problem.

I hope this help. I would love to know if this method helps you otherwise you can also share your own method to resolve this issue.

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