Echo Show Not On Alexa App: 9 Ways to Fix


Contrary to the other Amazon Echo products, Echo Show is an audio device that is smart and has an LCD. It is able to connect to other smart devices that are in your home including smart doorbells, Philips Hue lights to security cameras, and smart speakers, to name a few.

If you own an Echo show 8 or greater Users don’t typically locate it on the Devices within the Alexa app. Alexa app doesn’t recognise Echo Show, making it impossible for users to download any skills from Echo Show, add them to their routines and sometimes manage it.

The Echo Show, like every other smart speaker, has to remain connected with power as well as wi-fi in all times. Various problems could arise because of the absence of it.

What Is Echo Show?

Echo Show is an Amazon smart device equipped with the HD LCD screen. It is equipped with all the functions of an Amazon Echo smart speaker and additional features. Echo Show is most popular because it are able to be used for video monitoring in rooms. There are a variety of Echo Show variants been launched by Amazon in the year 2017.

Presently, the options on the market include:

  • Echo Show 5 (2nd generation): the most affordable of the four Echo Show 5 devices has a display dimension of 5.5 inches. It is Alexa compatible and is ideal as a music player and shopping, as well as controlling smartphones, or even as a baby monitoring device.
  • Echo Show 8. Echo Show 8: Successor of Echo show 5. The Echo show 8 comes with an HD 8-inch display that could be utilized for video calls entertainment, security shopping, voice control and much many other things.
  • Echo Show 10. (3rd Generation): the latest of the series, featuring a 10 inches of HD display. Echo Show 10 includes an inbuilt Zigbee hub, camera built-in and motion-screen (meaning the screen automatically rotates towards you). It’s mounted on top of speakers that provide top quality sound and a rotational screen that always faces you.
  • Echo Show 15 The newest model version of the series that was launched in December 2021. Echo Show 15 is even larger in terms of screen size and has a 15.6.inch touchscreen. It can be hung on a wall as a family-oriented device using Alexa. If you have a family with several Alexa devices, it’s simple to manage them all with Echo Show 15. From sticky notes to agendas and smart devices for home, calendars, and reminders for baby cameras Echo Show 15 covers all of it.

Whichever Echo Show you have Here are nine methods to fix the Echo Show but not via the Alexa app.

Is Echo Show Worth It?

Although it is difficult to setup it is a great display. Echo Show is one of the most advanced smart displays available that are available. For the majority of Echo Show models, you can stay near 100 dollars. 100$ cost range.

Additionally, this is better with other devices like Nest Hub than other ones can.

So, Yes! Echo Show is definitely worth the price it’s a great product and you’ll never get a better product. It doesn’t mean Nest Hub is a bad product. However, if you compare it with Echo Show, it’s not quite as great of a bargain.

This device’s user interface is simpler and keeps you up to current with the latest technology.

If you’re willing to spend some time installing the device, Echo Show is a great time. It’s all important is how much time you’re willing to put into configuring your smart device.

9 Ways To Fix Echo Show

Discover Device Manually

When setting up a brand new Amazon smart device it is necessary to download an Alexa app, then goes to the Devices section, and then allows the Amazon device to be discovered itself. The device needs to be set up at this point. To set up Echo Show, follow these steps:

  • Use a power adapter connect to the Echo Show power outlet
  • After you have powered up Follow the prompts on screen.
  • First, select your language preference
  • Connect to your WiFi connection by entering your password
  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Verify the address and place of your device. Confirm the address and location of your
  • Select what the model’s name is (it is essential to be simple since Alexa will be using this name to allow Alexa for listening)
  • Select wallpapers and configure your Amazon Prime

After you’ve set the device up, in case you are unable to discover Echo Show on the Alexa app, you can try finding it by hand. Request Alexa to locate an additional device or perform it manually by clicking the Find button. The list will be refreshed and Alexa will begin to search for nearby devices. This could cause Echo Show appear in Alexa’s Alexa app.

Login Through The Same Amazon Account

Users who have multiple Amazon accounts also face issues with an Echo Show not being on the Alexa app. The user logs in with another Amazon account other that the one through which the Echo Show is set up. This could result in Echo Show to not show on the Alexa app.

If you’re not sure which Amazon accounts is linked with Echo Show, open the Amazon app on your mobile device or the Amazon website in your web browser. Login using your password. Log into your account and then the Manage Your devices and content. It will show you all the devices linked to the Amazon account.

Re-Login Your Alexa App

In the event that Echo Show still doesn’t show up you can try logging back into the Alexa App account. First sign out from your Alexa app and wait some time before logging back in. Enter the right Amazon account details to sign into Your Alexa app. This can fix the issue.

Try Resetting Your Echo Show

If you’re using Echo show 8, 10 or higher Try resetting to the default settings of your Echo Show to resolve the problem. Be aware that doing this can erase the settings on your device, which should always be the final alternative. For resets on any of Your Echo Show, follow the:

  • Press and hold the Volume Up and Mute buttons (found at the device’s top) for approximately 15 seconds, until it appears that the Amazon Logo appears in the display.
  • Follow the screen instructions to restart the device.

Try Resetting The Alexa App

Another alternative is to reset the Alexa app. The first step is to remove the Alexa application and install it once more. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try reset to the Alexa app.

If you want to reset your Alexa app, you must go to the settings of your mobile application in the settings for your mobile. Locate the Alexa application, then open it, and then delete the cache and any saved information. This resets the app. After that, start your Alexa app and sign into your Alexa app again.

When you sign back in, you’ll see all the new Amazon devices. You might also see Echo Show to show in the available devices. Resetting your account will not erase your app’s information only the login credentials.

Check The Router Connection

If you’re using your home Wi-Fi to connect to your Alexa device, the chances are your issue is with the connection, not in the device itself. To rule out the possibility of this happening, attempt refreshing the router. For it to refresh, unplug the router from power source and take a couple of seconds before connecting it back to the power source once more.

This will allow you to refresh your connection. Then, reconnect to connect your Echo Show to Wi-Fi. You can try relocating it within the Alexa app right now. Try moving the Echo display closer to the router’s interface. Sometimes the obstructions and the position of other objects affect the connection. Moving it closer to the router may help for the Alexa app to detect it more easily.

Turn Off Dual Band Configuration

Dual-band networks help to manage more gadgets with one router. However, there are times when 5.0 GHz can interfere with the network connection. Switching off the 5.0 the GHz network for a time could resolve the problem. Be sure that the network is operating at a speed of 2.4Ghz. If you do this you can see the Echo show within Alexa. Alexa application, then you may later switch on the 5.0 the GHz band on.

Furthermore, the excessive congestion of devices may affect the performance that the Echo Show performs. The disconnecting of other devices while allowing for your Echo Show to be connected to the network first can affect the strength of your connection.

Turn Off The VPN

Do you utilize an VPN for accessing certain restricted websites? A VPN may also interfere with your network connection and prevent an Echo show from running correctly.

Switch off your VPN and then try to access the Echo show in the Alexa app. The owners have also tried restarting their Echo show and the mobile device after switching off the VPN to get rid of any obstructions. This will also solve the issue entirely.

Take The Help Of Customer Support

If none of the methods above is working for you, your alternative is to reach customer support. For customer support contact it is possible to visit Amazon’s app and open a support ticket. Amazon app and create an support ticket, or dial their customer service number.

You may also send them with the problem.

Before contacting customer support to seek assistance it is also possible to attempt to create a new Amazon account. Sometimes, the issue is not the app or device but you have an Amazon account. Create a new account and then set your device up using a different account and then try to find it using your Alexa app. This approach has also worked for numerous.

Additionally, support for customers first asks users to do these basic troubleshooting procedures such as starting the Alexa app or resetting the device, installing the app again, creating an account from scratch, etc.

There isn’t any reason not to seek the help of customer support since they are experts in their area, they might develop a fresh solution.


Verify that you’re using the identical Amazon account in the Alexa app that is also used by you use your Echo Show. Restart your device, then restart the Echo Show, reset your Echo Show, restart your router connection, and then re-login your Amazon account. Here are a few quick fixes if the Echo Show is not showing on the Alexa app.

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