**Spotify Premium Free Download for PC [Latest 2020]

If you are willing to use Spotify on your pc, then Spotiy premium free for pc is available to download in this post. We are providing the direct download link of spotify premium version for your PC.

Most of the people love listening music. They use different websites and apps to listen soothing and relaxing music. Spotify is one of best music apps in the world. It has now officially launched in the India too. Besides of android/ipone, you can also use Spotify on your pc.

Here is the spotify for pc 2020 available through you can easily listen the favorite songs very easily. It has ready made list of songs to make your mood. Here on the app, you can stream any genre song very easily on spotify for windows 10. Radio is also attached with it where you listen popular song one by one.

Spotify Premium Free Download for PC 2020

Some Important Points Regarding Spotify Premium Free Pc 2020

  • Play radio any time
  • Readymade playlist to play music instantly
  • Audio books, podcasts, and videos available on app
  • Personalized playlist option
  • Let’s know the premium features

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Spotify Premium Features:

Let’s get to know about the amazing features of spotify app for pc. You get some amazing features with the premium version which you don’t want to miss.

* Download and play offline

I love this feature very much. After downloading songs, you can listen songs where the internet connectivity is not available. It also saves your network data, which directly save few bucks in your pocket.

* Ad free

Premium version of spotify allows you to get your favorite music without any advertisement in between. You can easily recall that feeling when one wants to listen his favorite song, and just before that an advertisement pops up. I can say with full of confidence that you don’t love it. I don’t love it either. So , here with premium verion of spotify, you can overcome this situation.

* Better sound

Many music apps try to compete with the sound quality of spotify, but it has own standards for providing best sound to the users that keep it ahead of competition. You would feel a different level of connection while you listen up songs on Spotify. That’s truly great dude.

* Play free for 30 days without any string

If you want to try spotify premium before spending on subscription. You are good to go. Use free 30 days subscription of spotify and then decide to buy it for longer times.

Now I am providing spotify premium free pc download link for you.

Spotify Premium Free Pc Download 2020

We are presenting  spotify premium free for pc 2020. The download link allows you to get the spotify premium for pc directly on your windows pc. You can install it and then directly run it to enjoy the music online. The downloading and installing is same as any common windows application.

Please access the download from the given link below:-

System Requirements for Spotify for PC

You need to take care some of the system requirements to enjoy the hassle free experience of spotify on your pc. These are very generic requirements which any updated pc fulfill easily.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: x86
  • Mouse: Any
  • Keyboard: Any


  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: x86
  • Mouse: Integrated Mouse
  • Keyboard: Integrated Keyboard

Final Words:

I hope you loved this post regarding spotify premium for pc 2020. From this post, you can download spotify for pc very easily. If you find any problem then ping me via your comment. Moreover, if you find the download link is broken, do let me know via your comment or you can direct message me via contact form on drip.fm.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, spread the word out and give a like/share this post. Thanks for reading. I would love to share more such articles like this.

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