Does Owlet Work With Alexa?

Does Owlet Work With Alexa

Yes, Owlet does not work with Alexa. Owlet products come with their own audio feature that can be two-way as well as their own app which lets you communicate with it without needing Alexa.

Are you expecting a child? Are you expecting? Are you using an Owlet product in your home? If yes, do you have a good understanding of the product? However, are you considering that it can work with Alexa or others voice-based assistants? You’ll be bummed to find out that it doesn’t work in conjunction with the various advanced speaker models and voice assistants.

But, that’s because it’s a great product by itself. Here’s everything you need to know concerning Owlet as well as its offerings.

What Is Owlet?

Owlet is a company which produces a broad range of baby-friendly products monitoring. Owlet is a company that creates products that allow parents to monitor their children, even when the baby sleeps or parents are from their home.

It’s a way to make the transition to parenthood less simple and stress-free.

What Are Owlet Products?

Owlet offers a variety of products specifically designed for children. They offer: Owlet items include

The Smart Sock Family

Within the Smart Sock family, you will find three products: Smart Sock 3, Smart sock 3 extension Pack Smart Sock Plus Smart Sock Plus, and Smart Sock Plus.

This Owlet smart socks is a baby monitor which monitors the baby’s vitals via the in-sock. The sock is able to accommodate a baby five years old. age. It isn’t like an the sock you already have, but rather it is a band that is tucked around the feet of the newborn. It also comes with sensors that can monitor infant’s bodily functions. The sock can help you keep track of the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, sleep patterns and more.

Smart Sock 3 Smart Sock 3 is a successor to the Owlet Smart Sock 2. Smart sock 3 is an enhanced version Smart Sock 2. The design and hardware were developed based on suggestions from parents via feedback. Smart Sock 3 is suitable for babies up to 30lbs.

However, Smart sock Plus comes with two socks. It comes with the Smart Sock 3 and its extended version. The larger and extended size socks can be worn until 18 months, too. Overall, Smart sock Plus can be worn by babies as large as 55lbs. They are appropriate for children up to five years old.

Owlet Cam

Owlet Cam can be described as the Owlet baby monitor that includes a camera and an base station. Its Owlet Baby monitor can be used for streaming full HD video in 1080p to your phone. It can also support night vision as well as two-way audio.

It also sends audio and motion alerts to the phone it’s connected to. The wide angle of 130 degrees gives a clear view of the infant, and lets you to zoom up to four times.

Pregnancy Band (Beta)

Owlet Pregnancy band is a brand new product specifically designed for women expecting to track the infant within the womb. It is a great product to use after about 24 weeks for every day information about the health of your baby. It’s a complete circle band that is placed around the tummy of a pregnant woman. It also has a sensor on the top, which assists in keeping track of the baby’s heartbeat, the rate of heartbeat, etc.

It’s currently only compatible with Apple devices running iOS 14 and up only.

How Do Owlet Products Work?

The majority of Owlet products are intelligent and operate with its mobile app. Also, you need access to Wi-Fi to enable Owlet items work (with certain exceptions).

The smart sock is equipped with the base station. The station serves for charging the sensors which is attached to the socks. The sensor can be removed and replaceable. It can last for 8 hours when fully charged for 20 minutes. The base station serves to charge the sensor and to send messages to smartphones. When it turns green, it is a sign that the baby’s readings are normal. When it’s red it informs you , and plays sounds when it signals that your child is not within one of the zone.

It will illuminate and alert you when you are not connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile battery gets depleted. You can also connect via Bluetooth low-energy, but not via Hotspot Wi-Fi.

Owlet Products Smart Device Compatibility

The most frequently asked question concerning Owlet products is whether they can be used with smart devices, specifically those with voice interfaces.

Concerning compatibility with smart devices, Owlet products are currently only compatible with smartphones running iOS as well as Android operating systems. To get the best performance as well as users of the Owlet application (available both on the Play Store in addition to the App Store) as well as the operating system need to be regularly up to date. Owlet products work with iPad and iPad (running using iOS 9.3 or higher).

Owlet products can’t be controlled via tablets since they’re not built to be used with the same purpose. Furthermore, Owlet products are not compatible with smartwatches, smart speaker desktops, computers, and even voice control assistants.


Can Owlet integrate with any other assistants?

It’s not true, Owlet does not work with any of the voice assistants. It doesn’t work on Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

Can you speak to your Owlet?

Yes, if you’ve got an Owlet Cam in your home, you can speak via Owlet with your kid through two-way audio. It lets parents speak to their child from far from their home and also listen to baby’s sounds by streaming live baby sounds.

Do you have to use Owlet even if the baby is asleep?

If the baby is awake it is not advised to wear the Owlet smart sock since the pulse rate and heartbeat vary dramatically while the infant is sleeping or nursing.

Do you have the ability to connect two phones to an Owlet Sock?

It is true that Owlet can work with multiple gadgets, provided you sign in to the device that you registered before allowing multi-connections.

Does Owlet stream video to multiple phones?

It is true that Owlet allows you to stream videos to up to four devices simultaneously. Users who have access to your account’s credentials are able to stream the video on their mobile devices.

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