How To Disconnect Alexa From Wi-Fi

How To Disconnect Alexa From Wi-Fi

Alexa Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant, requires Wi-Fi to work effectively. Even when you’re directly speaking to Alexa via its app, or on the Amazon smartphone, it’ll require Wi-Fi to provide quick answers to your inquiries.

In the event that you do not want Alexa to respond when it is triggered by you, you can choose to switch it off by using your Amazon’s smart phone or turn off wi-fi.

At times, Alexa becomes too loud and is triggered, even though you didn’t intend for to hear it respond. Sometimes you’re just tempted to “ask, Alexa, please shut up” and Alexa is adorable enough to take note of yours too.

If you’re an honest person and do not wish for Alexa to stop talking to you because of your rudeness You can disable it from your internet connection so that it won’t even hear you.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Start the Alexa application downloaded on your device, or Alexa web from the web-based browser of your choice.
  • If you’re making use of Alexa, then when you open the Alexa app, click on the device option and you’ll notice the first item in the lower right corner on the display.
  • Click to the phone Alexa connects to. When you tap it, you’ll be able to see the settings of the device.
  • Scroll down to start the wi-fi connection. Even if Alexa has already been connected to a wi-fi connection Find the wi-fi network that it’s connected and then tap to disconnect the network from the network.
  • If you’re unable to access the wi-fi connection, rescan it to locate the wi-fi connection. After that, disconnect it.

This means that Alexa will no longer be activated by the device you removed it. If you own multiple Alexa device in your home, repeat this process on every device.

Other than that an alternative method to detach Alexa wirelessly is via indirect. If you wish for your Alexa device not to be activated it can be done by shutting off your Amazon device such as Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or Echo Spot.

Like almost all Amazon smartphone, they require to be connected and connected to Wi-Fi for it to be able to communicate with Alexa Unplugging them would be the most straightforward alternative.

Disconnecting Alexa From Wi-Fi In Echo Show

If you own an Alexa device that has a screen such as Echo Show or the Echo Show or Echo Spot You can unplug Alexa quickly via the device itself, without having to use Alexa’s app. Alexa app.

  • To access this, head to the Settings section on Your Echo Show by either swiping down on the top bar of notification or simply saying go to Settings.
  • Under the tab ‘Settings’ you can look for Network..
  • Connect the wi-fi network to your wireless network, and Alexa will be removed automatically.

This would mean you could no longer be able to use it as an Echo Show as a normal device with no wi-fi also. So disconnecting it from Alexa app is the best alternative.

Disconnecting Alexa From Wi-Fi To Switch To Another Network

If you’d like to detach Alexa from wi-fi and change to a different wi-fi network, or simply switch to a different wi-fi connection it is necessary to follow the same directions as your Alexa app.

  • Alexa app provides an answer to most of your Alexa problems and issues. To change the Wi-Fi network using your Alexa app, go to Devices> select your Amazon device, then Wi-fi network> Changeand select the wi-fi network.
  • Make sure that your Amazon device is connected during the process and has a blinking with an orange light. If not, press the Action button until it changes to green to ensure that your device is in pairing mode.
  • Then, you tap on the network that you are connected to and then enter the credentials, then pair with the Amazon device to switch the wi-fi network.

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