Can You Disable Alexa On Amazon Fire Stick?

Can You Disable Alexa On Amazon Fire Stick

Alexa was not an extremely known name prior to it’s introduction as the virtual assistant for Amazon devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s either the Firestick or Echo many people see Alexa as a blessing. But there are many who aren’t happy with the voice of a woman, but all they’d like is Alexa to remain quiet. But the good news is that is totally feasible. It is possible to choose among the various methods for disabling Alexa.

Before we go over how we can proceed, let’s look at the process by which Alexa became active at all. You may believe that Alexa is turned on in default across all devices. This isn’t true. The VoiceView must be turned on to allow you to be assisted by Alexa whenever you need. To activate this feature, you need to hold and simultaneously press both the back and Menu buttons for couple of seconds and Alexa becomes active. It could happen in the background, without your knowing while you were trying to discover the different possibilities.

Once Alexa is on it can be a challenge to switch it off and it could take time to find out the best way to accomplish it. Do not worry, we have the most reliable article to learn more about it. Before that, you’re thinking about how Firestick functions without Alexa There is always an alternative. The keyboard that we have always had!

When you click the Search button your TV’s screen with the remote the keyboard appears. You can type in what you’re looking for, whether a movie or a show, then look through the results to locate the one you’re seeking. Let’s dive into the disabled part of the process immediately.

Disabling VoiceView

It’s the first way to deactivate Alexa. Similar to the method you used to activate Alexa simply press and hold the Menu and Back buttons. Alexa will then inform you that she is not going to ever speak for the next time. If this does not work, try the option to change settings.

Follow these steps to learn the second method.

  • Click on Settings menu and then select Accessibility.
  • Select VoiceView
  • Once again, choose VoiceView and a new window will pop up , with two buttons that are the words Turn Off or the option to cancel..
  • Click on the Switch Off button.

Now Alexa will notify you that it has been turned off.

Deregister Your Firestick

I’m guessing that you are aware you can log in to your Alexa account on When you log into the account you will be able to remove your Firestick and then forget about the Alexa voice for ever. To make this happen, visit the Alexa website and sign into the Alexa account. There you will be able to see the complete list of devices connected to your Alexa account.

Choose the Firestick you wish to take off, and then you’ll see the option to unregister it. Select it, and that’s it. It’s that easy. Alexa will no longer be associated with your Firestick. There’s a different way to turn off Alexa and can be considered a tech-related issue. The next section will show you the procedure.

Eliminate The Microphone From The Firestick

This is a technique by that you completely eliminate the microphone so that you don’t inadvertently listen to Alexa speak. This is for people who wish to protect their privacy and do not want to share their information with listener Alexa. Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll be there.

Things Required

To accomplish the job of taking out the microphone, you’ll require glue, a thin sheet of plastic screwdriver that is flathead as well as needle-nosepliers. The plastic you choose to use should be strong enough for make use of. If you own an instrument pick, use it.

Open The Remote

Since the microphone is situated on high on the bottom of the remote it is possible to simply start the remote by lifting it from the top. It’s not necessary for you to unlock the whole remote. Utilize the guitar pick as well as a screwdrivers to unlock the remote slowly from one side. Make sure to allow just about a centimeter in order it is possible for the nosepliers move to the inside.

Remove The Microphone

Within the remote, you’ll find a small piece of metal that has a square shape. It can be the microphone. After you’ve found it, take it out using nose pliers.

Fix The Remote

Repairing the remote back to its original form is simple if you own super glue. Apply the glue on parts of the radio and let it sit for at least a moment. You are done. The remote appears exactly like what it used to look like.

With your microphone gone, you won’t need to listen to Alexa no more.

Altering Preferences

Here’s some additional information about how you can change the settings of VoiceView. While you aren’t able to alter your voice in Alexa however, you can modify some interesting things such as speech volume and reading speed, among others. Visit the VoiceView settings and you’ll find the below choices.

  1. The volume of the sounds The volume of the Sounds is set at 40 percent of the volume level you have selected. This applies to feedback sounds , which can be turned down or off.
  2. Speech Volume: By default, Speech Volume is set to the same amount that it is Sounds Volume. By increasing or decreasing Speech Volume, you are able to modify Alexa’s voice volume.
  3. reading speed This option lets you alter the speed at which you read.
  4. Punctuation Level This lets you choose whether or not you would like VoiceView to read punctuation marks and not.
  5. Key Echo when you type on your keyboard, this feature echoes text and characters based on what you’ve chosen.

It’s good to know that Alexa on your Firestick isn’t always listening to you. You must press one button and speak”Alexa” to get Alexa to begin listening. You then can issue the command with your voice. Alexa is then able to find the item you requested. Although it’s as simple as that, many do not like Alexa and prefer the keyboard due to security issues. Check out the strategies in this article to have an Alexa-free device available at your disposal.

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