Death Parade Season 2: Release Date, Spoilers, New Updates

Death Parade Season 2 Release Date

Death Parade Season 2: Release Date, Spoilers, New Updates. The craze of anime lovers is very high that in spite of several-anime they want another season of Death Parade. Death Parade season 2 is one of the most awaited anime series for which fans are waiting desperately just after the release of its first season. This anime series has been adapted from the Japanese manga series which is produced by Madhouse. The Death parade first season was aired during 9 January 2015 to the 27 March 2015 and was broadcasted by Funimation in territories of North America and other countries. After its release, the season got so much popularity that it motivates the producer to bring the second season. Madhouse has finally announced the release of the second season after the popularity of “Death Parade”.

Death Parade is also known as Desu Paredo which consist of in total 12 volumes, this anime show has a different kind of storyline which can change the perspective of humans with respect to birth and death or over the concept of life. The first season of Death Parade was launched on AT-X, NTV, MMT network and Sun although it does not get much fame in Japan, its dubbed version in English is loved a lot by the audience of Europe and America. As it is one of the Japanese anime version but did not create any interest in its own country. After completing 12 episodes of release season 1 gets a very well plot finale. After the end of the last episode of season 1, most of the anime lovers wonder whether they will be going to see the Death Parade Season 2 or not as there were many fans who thought it just ends with one season.

Death Parade Season 2 Release Date

The story of Death Parade Season 1

The story of Desu Paredo is based on a short film Death Billiards. The story of Death Parade is featured on Decim who is a bartender for the change he is not a normal bartender. In the story of Death Parade, due to any situation or accidentally when two different people die simultaneously and it becomes difficult for both souls to decide which one should be sent to heaven or which one to hell then such people are sent to a very unique place behind mysterious bars and then at this place both of them has to fight with each other for proving them as best soul for earning a good fate or heaven.

After the competition loser has to go oblivion while the winner is incinerated, Decim in this series is an owner of a mysterious bar named as Quindecim. This bar is situated on the 15th floor of the building whose owner is a mysterious lady named as Nona. The main role of Decim is of a judge where he judges the character of present souls and deciding what is the fate of competing souls.

Decim is completely an emotionless character who does not show any human emotion and he has a hobby of creating mannequin dolls. Everything was going smooth but suddenly his life changes when he meets with a black-haired woman named as Chiyuki and after her entry, he starts thinking about his own existence, about his role, character of judge and motive of living. It was unknown whether Decim was living or dead but at the end of the season, he starts showing human emotions. There are a lot of changes and things which are still needed to discovered and for this fans are waiting to watch Death Parade Season 2.

The lady Nona is one who is ruling over these mysterious bartenders and all other systems of arbiter which is being shown in this second world of anime. Oculus who is the above Nona is believed to take care of all floors and the creation of arbiter system as shown in the first season. But at the end of season Oculus says that he himself is a puppet and following instructions now, it is still a mystery who is ruling over this second world and there is a chance to learn about this fact in season 2.

There is a lot of stories still remaining to be solved in season 2, fans believe that in this season much more will be explored relayed to Decim and his character. In the final episode of the first season, Oculus says that be away from humans as being close to them can lead them to face the sufferings of arbiters. At the end of the season, we watch that Decim gets too close toward a girl Chiyuki and faced no problem now, in the second season more about Decim and Oculus may be depicted, we can just only wait for its release.

Updates related to release of Death Parade Season 2

Death Parade Season 2 Release Date

In starting after completing season 1 of Death Parade the production team Madhouse got confused whether they should bring season 2 or not as the first season got mixed reviews but after a long discussion they come to the conclusion that they will bring Death Parade Season 2 during October 2016. But, now it has been June 2018 and still, there is no response or official announcement related to the following season. At the current time there is not much material for the second season and the writer Yuzuri Tachikawa has to complete the story only then it will release. In the end, the official announcement for the release of the second season is yet to made and it is estimated to release in the year 2018.

Madhouse very rarely releases the sequel of any anime series but after the announcement fans are waiting eagerly for its release because the first season gains lots of popularity and still lots of things are needed to be discovered from the first season. Death Parade creates a very well impression over the mind of an audience which makes it get great success. We are sure Madhouse will definitely consider the request of his fans for releasing Death parade season.


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