4 Common Spotify Problems and Their Solutions

Spotify is world’s leading music streaming app with 30 million premium account users and 70 million free users. The nearest competitor of Spotify is Apple music with 13 million subscribers, but still lacks with a huge difference from Spotify.

Spotify is one of the market leading application but this won’t mean it is free from problems. It has been accounted that Spotify users complaint about different problems related to it. The user-base of Spotify, number of devices being supported and the music catalog size is very vast that is why users face different problems and requires to fix all such issues.

Common Spotify Problems and their Solutions

If you face any kind of problem related to Spotify, there is facility of contacting Spotify support for getting solution to your problems, but it will be much better to resolve your problem by own as this will save lots of your time. Here we are providing some common problems and their solutions being faced by Spotify users. It is all your choice that you want to use Spotify free or wants to get premium account in payout of $9.99 per month for getting more features. In both type of accounts, you can face some Spotify error which we are going to tell you.

Whether you are using Spotify on PC, Mac, Android, PS4 or iPhone we will give you all major information for fixing such issues.

There are some errors about which the users complaint and become unable to stream further music while all other applications are running successfully with proper internet connection. We have come to the conclusion with some common Spotify errors and their solutions.

Spotify is not working

Many users face this problem of “You are offline” while all other applications are working properly with good internet connection. There are some of the below listed problems which can be faced by users indicating “Spotify is down”

* Log-in problems

* Streaming issues

* Website error

If you wanted to check whether your Spotify is down or not then go to the DownDetector which will track all Spotify issues and help you in detecting whether Spotify service is down or it is only for you.

You can also check the same on official Twitter account handling with SpotifyStatus. You will get tweet from this account when any kind of problem will occur. System issues with Spotify are very rare to occur so, this indicates you might he having problem with your Spotify account, device or any other.

1. Steps for fixing Spotify streaming errors

For solving such problem just follow below steps:

* First of all turn on the airplane mode of your device and then wait till 20-30 seconds, after it turn it off.

* Now, restart your device which is having Spotify.

* Next, restart your router. For this, unplug your router for around 60 seconds and plug it in.

* After it restart your modem by unplugging it and then plug it back after 30 to 60 seconds.

* At last check the location for your WiFi router.

2. Steps for fixing Spotify connection problem

If you are facing problem in connecting with Spotify then follow below steps to get back online and start streaming music on Spotify.

If you are using iPhone, iPad or Android device first of all make your WiFi off and then start streaming on cellular data, this will minimize your problem.

Another thing you can do for solving this issue are:

* First force stop your Spotify application and then restart your device.

* Second you can also try to solve it by logging out and logging in back to the device.

* Lastly you can solve it by uninstalling the previous app and installing it again.

3. Steps for solving Spotify stuttering issue

If you are facing problem of Spotify stuttering then you can solve such issue on your Windows and Mac by using following steps.

* Open the settings option from Spotify.

* Now go to the option of Edit.

* There you will see option of Preference.

* Next click on the option of Enable hardware acceleration.

To solve the same on iPhone, iPad or Android devices follow below process.

* First of all logout and login back to device.

* You can also choose other option in which hold the power button and home button simultaneously for 10 seconds and try again.

* Else you can also solve this error by uninstalling and re-installing the app.

4. Steps for resetting Spotify Password

If you face the problem in log-in to Spotify app then this can be due to password problem which can be resolved by resetting your previous password. For this click on the option of reset password and you will get the link on registered email by which you can change previous password.


These were some common problems which can be faced by Spotify users therefore we have provided you solutions for fixing such problems by own without needing any assistance from third person. If your problem do not lie under them then contact to the Spotify support team they will fix all kind of problems.

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