Code Geass Season 3 Release Date News 2018 : Story, Updates

Code Geass Season 3 Release Date 2018

The first season of Code Geass season 3 was released on 5th October in 2006 and got a big hit. It becomes one of the most watched anime show very soon. As it been too long time and season 2 has also been released meanwhile. Around two years ago in 2016, the announcement for the release of Code Geass season 3 was made and till then fans are waiting eagerly for the next season to be uploaded.

Code Geass Season 3 Release Date 2018

There has been no official declaration since 2016 from the producers of Code Geass. If we talk more about this anime show then it is having total three seasons from which two has already been released and the third one is still in pending which is being discussed a lot by the anime lovers.

It is a bit difficult to tell the exact release date for Code Geass season 3 but according to the sources and whispers, it is been said that this season will be going to be released somewhere at the end of 2018 or during the fall of 2019. As per the major boost information, there are more chances that it will release on the 10th anniversary of Sunrise during the month of November.

What have we seen in last season?

In the last season 2 we saw that Lelouch was dying and as per the trailer of the third season, we can see Lelouch alive and completely well which is like a mystery going to be solved in this season. We are going to see in the third season that Lelouch is sitting on the Holy throne of Brittania Empire. From there the adventurous journey of Lelouch will begin in which he is going to save the world from lots of wars which are going to happen.

As, there are only hopes, whispers and rumors we can not predict any accurate time but yes it is going to fall in 2018 or either early 2019 what else we can do is just wait for an official declaration.

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