How to Install CNN Plus on PS4 in 2022?

How to Install CNN Plus on PS4

This is the best task you’ll ever be working on. This article is the best answer to your query about CNN Plus streaming service for your PlayStation 4 console. After reading this article, you’ll be able to download and use this CNN Plus service on your PS4 console. Use it to the fullest.

Fast Details

  • It is possible to access the CNN Plus streaming service via CNN’s CNN App through on the PlayStation Store on PS4. PS4 gaming console.
  • We’ve given step-by step steps for this trick.
  • You can also employ the second trick to control CNN Plus on CNN Plus platform via your smartphone and then to the TV screen. TV’s screen.

An intro about CNN Plus

CNN Plus service is essentially the name of an OTT streaming service that offers the entire package of innovative aspects of entertainment. With the CNN Plus service you can enjoy the most enjoyable experience watching any video online via your smart devices using CNN Plus.

This CNN Plus has numerous inbuilt features like headlines on news as well as live news streaming, CNN Plus’s original programming, and a host of more interactive features that are available through CNN Plus. Then , this CNN Plus service charges $5.99 per month of its subscription. the service will be delivered to the user in 2022’s March. expect the full package of entertainment available on CNN Plus. There is an offer of 50% on pricing of the subscription when you subscribe during the start of the first four weeks of CNN Plus launch.

How to Watch CNN+ on PS4?

CNN+ service can be accessible via the CNN app on the PS4 console. Use these methods to enable to the CNN+ service on the PS4 console. They are

  1. Download and install CNN+ on the PS4 console
  2. cast CNNplus on PS4 console using Smart Phone

Utilizing these techniques using these tricks, you will be able to access through the CNN+ service for the PlayStation 4 console.

Trick 1: Download and Install CNN+ on the PS4 console

By using this trick using this method, you can installed and download CNNPlus app application on PS4 PlayStation 4if CNN Plus via the CNN appsis available on the app store.

Step 1: As a foremost aspect, you must hook with your PlayStation 4 console with your the Smart TV and connect it using a power plug.

Step 2: Next thing, you must connect with your PlayStation 4 console along with your smart TV to get a fast internet connection.

Step3: After this, you will be able to move to the Main menu via your home dashboard of your PS4 console.

Step 4: Head into the PlayStation Store to enter the Apps Section and then move to”All Apps section.

Step 5: Use the search function to type in the app’s name CNN in the keyboard that is on screen of PS4 console. PS4 console.

Step 6: Afterwards, you must select CNNapp CNNapp from the list and then click the install option.

Step 7: Start installing the CNN app on your PS4 console. Click your CNN+ tab and do the login procedure using your personal details from CNN Plus.

Step 8: At the end you are now able to use to access CNN+ on your PS4with the assistance provided by PlayStation Store. PlayStation Store.

Trick 2 Method 2: Play CNN+ on PS4 console via Smart Phone

With this trick it is possible to Cast CNN+ on PS4 by using a the Smart Phone If CNN Plus is not obtainable in it’s app store.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to connect both your PlayStation 4 console and Smart Phone to the same speed Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Next, go to the Settings tab to access settings for the Remote Play Connection Settings to switch on Remote Play.

Step 3: Next, go back into the settings area to open Account management. You can then activate your PS4 as the primary.

Step 4: Once you have done that you go back to settings and go to the Power Settings tab. This will enable your PS4 to be in Available in Rest Mode.

Step 5: Now, select the checkboxes that remain linked to the Internet and enable turning on PS4 on Network.

Step 6: Then, you must enter the store built into your phone in order to connect to PS Remote Play. PS Remote Play application.

Step 7: Afterwards, enter into the PS Remote Play app to begin your login procedure using the details of your PlayStation 4 console’s specifics.

Step 8: Then, you need to log into your phone’s application store and look for an app that will the CNN app. this CNN application.

Step 9: Log into the CNN application and then click on the CNN+ tile to complete the login process using the information of CNN Plus.

Step 10: Get back to the PS Remote Play application and connect it up to the PS4 console and you can view your phone’s screen from the the PS4’s display.

Step 11: At last, you can stream CNN+ on your PS4 console via you smart Phone.


So, we’re getting into the”wind-up” section of our article today about how to use the CNN+ service that is available on the PS4 console. This write-up will be helpful to those who wanting to view CNN+ on your PS4 console. So, we are grateful for visiting this post. CNN+ on PS4, and this will be beneficial to all of you.

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