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What Western people think about Indian Film Industry?

With the advent of internet and all, the Indian cinema has improved its reach worldwide. Now the people from other countries especially from the western started watching Indian movies. They were doing it earlier too but our movies were not being released worldwide in the past time, but now the scenario has been completely changed.

The foreign directors have admitted that Indian actors have the potential to prove themselves. They just need a right platform for it. In the recent time we have seen that many actors started working in foreign films which is a great sign. We feel proud when a movie wins lots of Oscars in different categories.

priyanka chopra in quantico (1)

The movie name was Slumdog Millionaire. Most of the actors in this film were Indian and Indian Singer A R Rahman won the Oscar award. IT’s was an amazing thing. There are many Indians in the western cinema who are doing great and moving the head up of its country and ours tool.

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15 Popular Actors/Actresses Worked In These Movies

Would you ever believe that your favorite stars have worked in the pornographic films? Yes, I’m saying it right. The big star like Jackie Chan has worked in such sort of film in the earlier time of his career. It might feel you strange to know but it happened in the past and I’m sharing a list with you that will force you to believe on my words.

15 Popular Actors Actresses Worked In These Movies

1. Stephen Geoffreys

He worked in a adult movie Adult movies – Virtual Stud (1995), Leather after Dark (1996).

2. Jaimee Foxworth

She worked in Adult movies – Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas! (2000), Chillin’ With Jake Steed’s Freaks, Whoes & Flows 25 (2001)

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5 Movies that Anushka Sharma Rejected in her Filmy Career

Anushka sharma is counted under the top big actresses among the bollywood divas. Since the starting of her career, she did awesome movies like band baja baarat. I remember each of scene of that movie. That was a different shade movie that I watched with my family. Her acting was so great in that movie. Afterwards, we did so many awesome projects.

anushka sharma

These sites helped me a lot to watch the movies for free and I don’t need to go anywhere else since I have a list free movie download sites. It was really a great experience to visit any site from this list and picking your favorite movie.

Get back to the main point. We were talking about the 5 projects which could have proved a milestone in Anushka’s career. So let’s start counting them.

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Netflix Achieved New Milestone

Netflix Achieved New Milestone

Netflix is count as one of the biggest portal to watch high definition videos online. You can take an idea of Netflix’s popularity by its 100 million subscriber’s base. But now it has achieve one more milestone here. These subscribers have watched 500 millions hours of Adam sandler movies.

There are millions of subscribers of Netflix this time and most of them love to watch the Sandler’s movies. The audience loves to spend time watching his movie on Netflix.

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