Top 10 Best Canon Video Editing Software 2019

Top 10 Best Canon Video Editing Software. Video editing is a task for those who shoot videos a lot. The only way they can make them more memorable and sweet is by editing those videos. Be it merging, trimming, sharpening, adding text layers, etc. Most of the smartphones apps supports 4k video editing, but when it comes to editing the Canon recorded videos, mobile apps may lag.

Canon videos have high resolution, and mobile apps cannot hold them longer. It’s time to take a look at these professional video editing tools. The more you can afford, the less you compromise in the output video quality. Here is the list of best Canon video editing tools to export high-quality output with premium effects and movie look.

Top 10 Canon Video Editing Software 2019

Get a list of ultimate canon Video Editing Software for 2019. This will help you stand out your videos taken from canon cameras.

1 Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

How good is Adobe premiere pro? It is 9.7 out of 10. Adobe premiere pro is the best video editor, especially for canon HD videos. Adobe premiere pro is a premium video editing software used by many Hollywood technicians to turn raw footage into stunning videos. Simply, Adobe premiere pro has the best features compared to other video editing tools.

From beginner to advanced, this video editing tool kills the performance. The video editing tool is only for professionals; hence, it is the superior video editor. Still, you need seven days to learn completely as we have a lot of tutorials and guides online.

Users need an easy interface to edit their videos using tools any video editing tools provides. The user interface of this tool is simply perfect, and you cannot expect better than it. Once you have videos to edit, you can drag and drop them into the storyboard. You can add multiple audio and video layers in the video editing board.

Adobe premiere pro can also integrate with other Adobe products for smart workflow, which helps to communicate with team members. If you have a budget and want to experience the magic of real video editing experience, then you must use this tool.

Adobe premiere pro is the best video editing tool for most of the Canon users as they need premium look in output. It also supports chroma-keying, which is essential. This is more than the basic video editing tool which gives a real editing experience. However, it lacks in animation and special effects used in Movies.


  • High-Quality Video and Audio editing
  • Works in both Windows and macOS (But not Linux)
  • Supports in exporting various formats such as Flash Video, HD and HDV
  • A Non-linear Video editor with the best performance and stunning tools inside


  • The free version runs only for 30 days
  • It needs basic system requirements to run.

2 Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus

The runner up in this Canon Video editor list is ‘Movavi Video Editor’ you can say. Movavi Video Editor is a premium video tool which can edit movies too. This is the perfect tool for beginners and professionals as well, add visual effects for taking your videos to the next level.

Before purchasing, use this coupon code to get an exclusive discount on the checkout page. Unlike premier pro, this can be installed in basic system versions with 4GB RAM too. Thus, you can use this software in any basic desktop, but you need an i3 processor to render videos with speed.

You need two minutes to install this video editing tool. The best thing about this tool is it has a feature which makes quick video merging with special effects. When you want to create a new project, then you can choose the option of ‘Quick video editor’ to make simple videos with simple effects. You need to give music, and title cards to the tool and Movavai will take care of your output. As Canon videos are sharp and high quality, you need this premium tool to make your videos sharper and professional.


  • You can get premium special effects and chroma keying
  • Less expensive than Adobe premiere pro
  • Easy Interface and multiple video effects


  • It lacks the screen-recording feature
  • Custom Objects cannot be imported

3 Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor

Transform your video into a piece of art with simple drag & drop interface and powerful editing tools with Wondershare Filmora editor video editing software. Wondershare video editor is defined for those who are beginners. You don’t need much time to understand the interface and tools of this great Canon video editing software.

This is an excellent DSLR video editing tool which powers the videos you have. It can support editing 4k resolution videos with great audio and video tools and filters. Addition to these features, you can also add multiple audio and video tracks, which is essential for documentary or multiple video editing. Wondershare Filmora is it allows users to add overlays, animations, and elements such as GIFs and images, music, as well as texts, voice over on their videos. You can also crop the video size and can blur the videos with simple keyboard shortcuts.

One of the most deliberate features we have in this video editing tool is ‘Screen splitting.’ You can find an icon in this video editing tool and using that, and you can run various videos simultaneously in a single screen, which is the best way to arrange them correctly.


  • Chroma keying, Multiple Video layers
  • Split screen, Mosaic
  • Audio separation
  • Screen detecting and screen recording


  • Lacking some shortcuts
  • Cannot export the portion of videos

4 Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

Another handy video editing tool in the list is ‘Corel Video Studio.’ I’ve used this software month before, and I found this is one of the coolest video editing tools. In fact, I edited seven short films using this Video editing platform. Out of those, 20 % of the videos are recorded from Canon DSLR. I never faced any lag issues with the tool and the only down thing is it is a little bit slower in exporting output files compared to the Adobe and Movavi.

And you can add elements, text overlays, multiple audio and video tracks to enhance your video editing experience. One of the beautiful things with this video editing tool is it supports”quality media files like 360-degree VR, 3D, 4K, and Ultra HD.”

There are additional features like high speed, slow motion and, 1500 customizable effects. Corel VideoStudio Pro is continuously improving its array of editing tools, making it one of the easiest video editing tools.


  • This video editing tool has all the best features we look in any video editing tool.
  • Handy and Easy user Interface
  • Wide Selection of fun- video editing tools
  • It also supports Motion tracking


  • Slightly slower rendering
  • Video overlays are limited to 20.

5 Lightworks


Lightworks is one of the lite and easy video editing tools we have. It handles canon video output very smoothly to render a smooth output.  You will find some easy, yet sharp video editing tools like sharpening, color correction, speed adjustments, volume and audio amplification in one tray.

This software is most compatible with almost all input and output formats. This is a favorite video editing software for most of the video editors. The best thing about Lightworks is it has a FREE version and works with Windows and, macOS.

In recent times, Lightworks changed its interface with time, and it is giving the best to impress visual editors. But still, the free version lacks some essential features. Of course, if free eversion can impress you, you will go with the paid version too. This video editing program is a unique and excellent option for beginners to give it a try.


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Available in all platforms including Linux


  • Missing some important functions
  • No smart content analyzer

6 Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio

This is a robust premium video editing software with the capability of flawlessly editing Canon camcorder videos. The uniqueness and different features, including layout experience, made it unique and trusted by millions of people worldwide. Pinnacle Studio software includes timeline-based editing, HD video editing, and DVD importing and rendering among others.

It is available in three packages, 21, Ultimate, and pro. The classic user interface and features made it one of the most accessible video editors for Canon videos. When we talk about the key features, an intuitive user interface, split-screen video, Multi-track video editing, multi-camera video editing, paint effects, morph transitions, 360-video editing, Effects from NewBlue, wide-angle lens correction, and 3D title editor fills the section. Overall, it is an All-rounder Video editing software which suits well for both beginners and professionals as well.


  • 1500+ effect, templates, and titles
  • 6 track HD video editing
  • Stop Motion Animation & Split-screen video


  • Majority of the effects look too poor.
  • It occasionally crashes and suffers lag spikes when applying effects.

7. Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix’s video editing software is available in three versions: the standard Movie Edit Pro 2019 ($69.99), Plus ($99.99), and Premium ($129.99). This is an easy and lightweight video editor, which comes handy when we are editing videos.

The best thing about Magix is it has wide popularity worldwide for its various products. So, the support would be great.  The standard version is capable of handling 4k videos, 360-degree support, premium effects, and 64-bit operation. Premium and plus versions are more advanced than the pro version, which comes with faster rendering and smooth experience.

Premium version adds professional plug-in effects from HitFilm, Red Giant, MotionStudios, and ProDAD, all of which are industry-standard video software makers we have. Of course, This is an easy tool for importing and rendering Canon recorded videos without frame drops in both 32 and 64 bit Operating systems.

Magix offers Video Pro, which has ultra features like three- and four-point editing, 3-way color correction, and broadcast-quality sound editing. Magix doesn’t use top-level mode buttons to switch among importing and organizing content as we can see in Adobe Premiere editor.


  • Lof of video effects
  • Trailer-like movie templates
  • Fast rendering. Good stability.
  • Great support


  • Lacks Import switching tool
  • You have to pay extra to avail extra video formats

8 AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor

For those who want Windows movie maker editing experience, then this is perfect for you. AVS video editor has a simple storyboard editing experience which enhances the user experience. AVS Video Editor can be named as ‘The easy video editor.’ Although it fails to reach the advanced video editing modules, it is a useful video editing tool to try.

AVS Video Editor will be a perfect choice for those casual editors who need an easy interface to make edits to videos.  When you first launch the tool to make edits, you will get tips to operate this tool, which is a good thing.

You can accomplish great work with some of its features like text overlay, PIP, special video effects. The storyboard made so simple that you can take an overview of each video length and drop point. It’s weird that you can’t add additional video tracks when you are paying $70.


  • Easy User Interface
  • Supports various formats of videos
  • Beautiful transitions and video effects
  • You can find a lot of tutorials online


  • Only one video track
  • It lacks most of the advanced features in the price range.

9 iMovie


iMovie is a free and elegant video editing tool that made its Interface is easy and stylish. Apple introduced iMovie to give the best performance to the users. It lacks some essential formats and features compared to the top video editing tools in the industry. But, it has its fan base. It finishes the group of photos and videos into a movie storytelling type by adding end movie credits and title tracks all over.

Transitions and special effects are professional for basic video editing, but it lacks professional features for professionals. It offers various templates to choose from. As it supports HD videos, you can edit a Canon video file.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Quick templates
  • HD and 4K videos support
  • Stabilization
  • Superfast for Mac users


  • it doesn’t offer tutorials
  • No Multicam editing and 360 support
  • Supports only a few export formats
  • Lacks advanced features

10. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

The best and simple video editor for window users is “Windows Movie Maker.” Windows Moviemaker doesn’t need high requirements on the system to install. This Moviemaker is a free video editing tool which has excellent features. It offers such great options like video transitions, video effects, audio tracks, video effects, auto movie, and adding credits and titles.

For beginners, this is the best free Canon video editor as I can say. New effects and transitions can be added as it is a product of windows. The support would be amazing, and you can easily navigate through the options.

With simple drag and drag facility, user can easily edit their canon videos as per their need. Both beginners and professionals can play with the possibilities it offers. I have created a simple 5-Minute video using this tool with multiple effects and text overlays. Text overlays and end title cards are great ways to make a video more professional.


  • A Free video editing tool with multiple features.
  • Choice of transitions and auto preview of effects.
  • Stabilization.
  • Easy Interface.
  • Extensive Audio Track Selection


  • No contrast or saturation adjustments.
  • Limited Effects.
  • Title tracking cannot be customizable.

By reading on, you can see all of our picks for the best options for Canon video editing software 2019 in both free and premium versions. Free versions save your money, but premium software kickass the video editing experience. If you need a tool that suits both Mac and Windows, then go with Adobe Premiere Pro and Movavi video editors. If you need a free video editor tool with basic options, then you may try Windows Movie Maker.

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