Can You Watch DVD on PS4?

Can You Watch DVD On PS4

PlayStation 4 is certainly a fantastic way to play some fantastic games however, what else can it do?

What if you wish to make use of your console with other media discs? Can your PlayStation 4 support DVDs?

Naturally, the DVD format are quite outdated in terms of technology in the media industry today. Yet, a lot of us have large DVD collections we love to watch.

It’s a good thing that you can make use of the PlayStation 4 to play DVDs.

Though we stream television programmes or movies more frequently rather than physically discs great to be aware that you can make use of the PS4 to play back your older DVD collections.

There’s no need for an additional software for PlayStation 4 to play DVDs. PlayStation 4 to play DVDs just like you do with the Xbox One.

There is a very basic requirement you’ll need to satisfy in order to play films on DVD on your PlayStation 4.

How do you play movies on PlayStation 4

Set up the PlayStation four consoles in order to play DVDs is simple provided you’re connected online.

Before you can play the movie on the PS4 You must enable the capabilities by downloading an update for day one from the internet.

Usually the patch will be installed automatically each time that you plug your console into the web.

In some rare instances, however it may be that it is installed at the initial time that you attempt to play an DVD.Image: Sony

However, it is important to connect to the internet the very first when you play a disc in order to ensure your patch is downloaded on its own.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve got an DVD player patch you could always test playing a DVD on your console.

It’s not going to hurt anything The only issue that could occur is that your console informs that it isn’t able to play the disc. If the DVD is playable, then you’re all set.

Possible causes PS4 cannot play DVDs

The majority of DVDs that you’ll see will work without issue. There are however some reasons the DVD you’re looking at won’t work.

If you’re experiencing difficulty playing a DVD with PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4, check to determine if any of the issues below applies:

  • Never had an internet connectionIn the article earlier, you require an update for day one to be capable of playing DVDs on your PS4. If your console hasn’t been online, it could be the reason DVDs won’t play.
  • DVDs that have been burned– On the help page available on the PlayStation website the company stated that DVDs copied or burned will not work with the PS4.
  • region-locked DVDsdepending on where you purchased your PS4 the DVD can be restricted to a particular region. If you purchase DVDs that are from a different region, they will likely not work with your PS4.
  • Disks that have been scratched or damaged If your DVD has been damaged or scratched the chances are it won’t function in your PS4. And , depending on how severe the scratch is, it may cause damage to your PS4’s disc drive.
  • Poorly made DVDsSome DVDs are not properly made which means that it is possible that the PS4 disc drive is unable to be able to read them. It’s rare to find such a problem however it is likely.

If you’ve looked into all of these problems and you still aren’t able to use your DVDs The drive for discs on the PS4 may be damaged.

This raises the question: Will watching DVDs with PS4 cause damage to it?

Do DVDs played on PS4 cause damage to it?

Luckily, this isn’t something to be concerned about. If you’re not trying watch damaged or damaged DVDs, it shouldn’t cause harm to your PS4.

There are some disc kinds that Sony cautions against using since they coulddamage you PS4.

Do not try playing discs with a diameter of 8 cm or discs with different shapes like squares or hearts, such as stars discs with paper labels.

The discs may cause damage to your PS4 which means you’ll be unable to play DVDs that are regular in nature anymore.

Grab that DVD collection

With streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu filling up lots of space in the entertainment sector It’s easy to overlook that Blu-rays and DVDs movies are choices for media consumption.

Particularly in regions where stable internet is difficult or impossible to find.

You can, however, make use of the PlayStation 4 to play those DVDs, provided that you are connected to the internet at least at least once.

After that initial login, there’s no reason to need to go online ever again.

Don’t toss away your DVD collection just yet. Transform your PS4 into a full media player for gaming and movies in one package.

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