Can You Use a Universal Remote on a Firestick? [2022]

Can You Use a Universal Remote on a Firestick

With the Fire TV Stick, you can access Amazon’s streaming services, along with other applications. The handy device came with a remote, which allows you to easily navigate through the interface on screen. The remote is also compatible with Alexa which allows you to quickly find the program you’re looking to watch. There’s a lot you can appreciate regarding this Fire Stick remote, but it would be more convenient to have an universal remote however, can you?

You can utilize an universal remote with the Fire TV Stick, but you might require an adaptor dependent on the remote. It is also possible to be better off to incorporate hardware features into the already existing Fire TV Remote.

The truth is that you are able to utilize universal remotes with the Fire Stick however, not all remotes are capable of doing this. Some have to be paired with an adapter or other hardware. Therefore, it’s best to are in the know by conducting a little research before you start; here’s the information you should be aware of.

Utilizing an Universal Remote with Your Fire TV

It is possible that your Fire TV Stick does not include integrated Infrared (IR) technology, like many entertainment devices. Instead your Fire TV remote utilizes Bluetooth to transmit commands.

The two technology aren’t compatible with remotes, and in actual fact the two technologies have been explored Bluetooth compatibility earlier. If you buy the wrong model you’ll be able to control nearly any connected smart device with the exception of Fire Stick. Fire Stick.

If your existing universal remote works, but aren’t looking to invest on a brand new one, you have alternatives. A receiver can help in syncing issues There are other functions you can include on to the Fire TV Stick with an adapter.

How to use the Infrared Universal Remote for the Fire TV

The method of installing the receiver is dependent on the model that you have chosen for your Fire TV stick. If you’re stuck with the first Fire TV box, set-up is easy. The process is two steps and begins by attaching the device to the USB port located on the front of the device.

The other end takes in the radio signal. It is positioned so that it is able to receive any signal coming from the universal remote, without interference. This is the next step.

When you’re Fire TV box is in the closet or hidden behind other devices, you might require moving it to ensure that the transmission of the remote doesn’t get disrupted by long-distance or other disruptive objects.

It’s not the case for everyone to have an original Fire TV box, but it’s still a breeze to connect to an IR receiver. It’s just a couple additional steps and the installation of the USB Y cable.

How to Connect a Receiver to Your Fire TV Stick

Although there are couple of more steps than the Firebox however, it should take only just a few minutes to connect to the IR receiver.

You’ll need an USB Y cable, and it’s easy to locate the cheapest one at any electronics retailer. You’ll need the Y cable to establish connections between your receiver and Fire Stick.

The fire TV Stick only has one port that was designed to accommodate that power adapter. With the Y cable you can connect both power and connectivity via it’s IR receiver. It is a USB Y cable plugs into the Fire Stick’s USB port, with the power adapter and receiver connected to the other part of the cable.

After you’ve confirmed that the Fire Stick adapter is plugging into an electrical outlet and the receiver has been activated it shouldn’t pose any issues connecting with your IR universal remote to Amazon Fire TV Stick. Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Adding More Features to the Amazon Fire TV Remote

Although Amazon keeps updating the Fire TV remote, it is always missing certain functions that you can get from the universal remote. If you’re interested in making use of this Fire TV remote, you could consider upgrading it. It is usually cheaper than what the cost of the top-rated universal remote.

If you’re looking to enhance the features of you Fire TV remote and turn it into a universal remote there are adapters you can connect to it. There is no need to change the remote. Just put the adapter in place.

It also extends it’s length which makes it easier to grip. Still, you get all the benefits of Alexa Voice Search, as well as all the features you’d expect from universal remotes.

Add these features to your Fire TV Remote by using an adapter

By using an adapter you are able to change the settings of to a new Fire TV remote. It’s a low-cost option, and allows you to make use of one remote for controlling all of your devices for entertainment.

With the Fire TV remote, you are limited to a handful of basic features. Alongside home, pauseand forward and reverse There’s also a button that allows voice commands. All you need to accomplish with the remote.

If you connect an adapter, the Fire Stick remote can turn components off and on. There are input functions in addition to those for channels and volume. The Fire remote can also alter the volume of the soundbar.

With the help of programmable buttons, you can select the devices and functions that you’d like the remote to be able to control. Most importantly, the adapter is simple to install. It’s the same pairing procedure similar to other remotes.

Other options for controlling your Fire TV

Remote controls can fail, but it’s not cost-effective to replace the one to the Fire TV remote. The only drawback of replacing the remote for the Fire TV (on Amazon) is that you are only able to control only one device.

Without the inclusion of an adapter, your remote will only work with the Fire TV. If you’re interested in purchasing universal remotes and USB Y cable, it can be a different option to control the Fire Stick TV.

It’s more costly than replacement of the original remote however If you don’t wish to buy an adapter, this is your ideal alternative.

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