Can PS4 Pro Play 4K Movies?


The most asked concerns among buyers of PS4 Pro is ” Can PS4 pro play 4K movies?” Of obviously, PS4 Pro can play games and 4K films only if connected to a compatible 4K monitor and also a compatible 4K HDMI cable. But it is true that the PS4 Pro doesn’t support a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc; it can only play standard HD Blu-rays and 3D Blu-rays with standard DVDs.

Now, you can buy the PS4 Pro without giving a second thought to 4K movies.

Features and Upgrades of PS4 Pro

The most important feature that differentiates PS4 Pro in comparison to PS4 is that PS4 Pro Pro version supports 4K video. First, you must know this: the Pro version doesn’t support Blu-ray discs. This is a deliberate decision made by Sony (nowadays discs used to watch movies are not popular and seldom used.)

If PS4 Pro is connected to an LCD with 4K resolution, it will be fully compatible with 4K UHD which is 3840 x 2160 pixels, much larger than the standard HD.

Steps To Know How PS4 Pro Can Play 4K Movies

A lot of people believe it’s difficult to play 4K videos using PS4 Pro but in reality it’s quite easy. To do that, you must follow some steps. Learn more details about the process.

As we’ve discussed, you must have a 4K-capable display which supports HDMI intakes. Make sure you use the highest-quality HDMI cable. You are now prepared to learn on how to play 4K video on PS4 Pro..

First, you must change the settings on your 4K TV.

  • Go to the Picture Settings on your TV in 4K and then look at Professional Settings or Advanced settings.
  • In the the Expert settings scroll to the bottom to find the HDMI UHD Color and select it.
  • Now Switch on Now turn on the HDMI from this menu, which connects to the PS4 Pro (in my case it’s HDMI 2)

This allows for this feature to enable the 2160p RGB option on PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro. Moving on into Playstation settings.

  • Visit Settings on the PS4 Pro Settings with the controller. There will be an option for ” Sound and screen” Select that option.
  • Under ” Sound and screen” there is an option to ” Video output settings“. Choose this option.
  • The first option available within the ” video output setting” will be the resolution. Choose the resolution option.
  • You must ensure that you have on the ” Automatic” option turned on. If your cable or display isn’t compatible with 4K, you’ll see the option 2160p as “unsupported” or else it is accessible in PS4 Pro; and you must select the option.

Now you can watch 4K films with PS4 Pro.

This is the whole point of “Can PS4 Pro Play 4K Movies”. Follow these simple steps to watch 4K movies using the PS4 Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are you able to play 4K films on PS4?

Yes, it can play 4K video and movies when the PS4 is linked PS4 to a 4K-compatible display.

Does PS5 support 8k?

Sure, PS5 as well as Xbox can offer 8k resolution gaming.

Which is better ? 30 FPS or 60?

60 FPS is more efficient than 30 FPS due to the gaming experience with 60 FPS is extremely fluid, however in 30 FPS the game can delay.

Do you think 4K is better than 1080p 60FPS?

If you’re looking for the best quality, then 4K resolution and 30FPS is a great option however if searching for gaming, 1080p resolution and 60FPS are more suitable.

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