Can Alexa Call 911? Learn Setup Alexa for Emergencies


Your home’s smart features is supposed to keep you safe particularly when you’re most vulnerable. If tragedy occurs and you are unable to reach the phone, you must be able reach emergency personnel by shouting out for assistance. This is the ideal however, is it feasible to call 911 using Alexa?

Alexa cannot yet call 911 because of regulatory reasons. This article will go over other options to get emergency assistance from your Echo such as tools and devices that get you connected to police, EMTs, or other rescuers. I’ll also teach you how to create emergency contacts as well as Alexa capabilities that can swiftly bring you in contact with your loved ones whenever you require them.

Will Alexa Call 911 for You?

Alexa is not able to call 911, at most not in direct. However, there are Alexa capabilities that let you indirectly call emergency services. There are also phones with Alexa capabilities which allow you to call 911 with a single voice command.

Why Can’t Alexa Call 911 Directly?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) establishes the specifications for 911-enabled phones. One of the requirements is that these phones should be able of providing the information about the location of the caller as well as the callback number in a timely manner.

It’s not difficult to determine the reason why 911 operators would be looking for this information. What would happen if you dialed 911 and you were unable to give the correct address? The 911 operator has to be aware of where to send assistance.

Alexa smart speakers don’t need details about your location at the time of setting the device up, which is the reason it’s not eligible to make 911 calls. The methods listed below can help to circumvent that issue by either including another intermediary (OnStar, Amazon, etc.) or by introducing a different device that is equipped with the needed location data.

How to Make 911 Calls Using an Alexa-Enabled Phone

The landline phones that are Alexa-enabled are the best option to Alexa dial 911. There aren’t many Alexa phones to pick from in the moment. The most popular, and by far most popular, is the Motorola AXH01. 

These phones let you make landline calls, as well as calls to 911 using the Alexa button and then saying “Alexa Call …”.

This method won’t permit you to make calls on any of your Alexa devices. You’ll need an Alexa-enabled mobile phone in order to initiate the conversation.

It’s still the only method of getting Alexa to dial 911 directly. The other methods we’ll be discussing are either workarounds , or require equipment that’s been removed.

Can Alexa Call 911 Using Echo Connect?

Echo Connect does permit Alexa to make calls to 911. However, this device was it was discontinued years back. They are increasingly hard to find and, even if you do have one, they require landline or voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) service. They aren’t compatible with mobile phones.

If you own already got an Amazon Echo Connect, you are able to continue using it with the 1st and 2nd generations of Echo devices. It’s not compatible with more recent Echo devices, however it could be the right moment to think about some of the alternative Alexa emergency call methods that are described within this post.

Do you have the ability to add 911 to be An Alexa contact?

There’s a well-known trick where people are able to trick Alexa to call 911 using adding 911 as a list of contacts. This method has produced varied results, with some saying it works well but others saying don’t even work.

I strongly advise you not to depend on this method. It’s unreliable in the event of an emergency. Additionally, there’s a high chance that it’ll stop completely in the next Alexa upgrade to the firmware.

Other Ways Alexa Can Help In an Emergency

Use Alexa Guard Plus

Alexa Guard Plus can be described as Amazon’s hands-free emergency assistance that is available on every Echo device. For a modest monthly cost it allows users to:

  • Speak “Alexa, call for help” to talk to experts who will be able to request emergency help for you.
  • You will receive smart alerts on your smartphone if Alexa detects footsteps, doors closing or breaking glass when you’re away, or if your carbon monoxide alarm or smoke alarm sensor is activated. You can also listen to the recorded sounds Alexa was able to hear to confirm that there is a genuine break-in.
  • Dissuade intrusions by activating the smart lighting or making loud noises (like the barking of a dog).

Guard Plus is currently the best method to access emergency assistance right from the Amazon Echo devices. It does not directly call 911.

Call your Alexa emergency contact

Alexa lets you create an emergency contact within the app. The app will then make an emergency call to the contact by using any of the below commands:

  • “Alexa, call for help.”
  • “Alexa, call my contact for help.”
  • “Alexa, call my help contact.”
  • “Alexa, call my emergency contact.”

If you’re using any of the other methods for emergency contact mentioned in this article you must add an emergency number number in your Alexa application.

How do you include an emergency contact in the Alexa application?

Setting up an emergency contact on the Alexa application takes just less than a minute, and is especially effective in the event that Alexa is already able to access your contact information.

  1. Start the Alexa application and select Communicate from the menu at the bottom of the bar.
  2. Open Contacts by clicking on the icon of two persons in the upper right-hand part of your screen.
  3. Select the person you wish to contact in case of emergency.
  4. Scroll down , and then click”Add Emergency Contact.
  5. Then, choose which number you’ll make contact with your emergency contact should you require assistance.

Utilize to use the Ask My Buddy Alexa skill

This free Alexa’s Ask My Buddy skill is a powerful version of an emergency contact. It allows you to add up to five emergency contacts in Use Ask My Buddy. In the event of an emergency situation, you can make use of the Ask My Buddy to simultaneously send an email, text message and a phone call to one of these contacts.

The paid version comes with Buddy Assist, a 24/7 emergency response system similar to Alexa Guard or OnStar. Its Buddy Assist operators can patch the user to 911 and emergency services (police EMT, police, etc. ).

Make use of Echo to be a loudspeaker to make emergencies

Although Alexa isn’t able to make emergency calls , the device does serve as a voice assistant , and speaker for other devices, which can also call 911. All you require is a phone that is connected to Echo via Bluetooth. In the event of an emergency, you can use Alexa’s voice-controlled device to initiate the call, and you’ll be able to hear the call from a distance via the Echo speaker.

Coming Soon: Call 911 Using Alexa’s OnStar Skill

General Motors, the makers of OnStar has recently announced that they’re making an OnStar Alexa feature that will be available to the entire range of Echo devices. The current OnStar customers will be able to connect to this service in the next few months, and everyone will be able to sign up to it in 2022.

There’s no information yet on the cost of OnStar’s upcoming Alexa capability. We do know that it will not allow users to make direct calls to 911 through Your Amazon Alexa device. As the case with Alexa Guard OnStar’s emergency-certified experts can connect you the police department, EMT and any emergency assistance.

Smart Homes Are Safe Homes

Alexa isn’t able to call 911 itself, however it can aid in an emergency. It is recommended to have an emergency contact in place within the app. the other options and devices are also worth considering. I’d recommend them for elderly relatives , or anyone who lives alone or who is at risk.

The emergency response isn’t the only ways that Alexa can keep your family safe. Do not forget Alexa’s smart camera (like my top pick Ring Video Doorbell) Ring Doorbell) or smart locks (like the simple to install august smart lock). A handful of smart security devices linked to your Alexa will give you an essential sense of security.

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