Boruto Uzumaki-Jougan and its Powers

The fifteenth episode of Boruto solved a lot of mysteries and also end with lots of puzzles for us.In the post today, we’re going to talk about the abilities and powers of Boruto’sJaugan. If you’re Boruto’s fan, you know that whenever the Nue used to show up, it triggers Boruto’s Eye. It could mean that Boruto’s eye could be linked to the dimension from where Nue has come.

The meaning of Jaugan, as explained in the show is ‘Pure eye.’Jaugan is a unique dojutsu that Boruto awoke in his right eye.But as we know so far, only the members of the Otsutsuki Clan has the ability to possess Byakugan, Rinne Sharingan, and possibly Jaugan too. And if that is true, there would be a lot of things to uncover further.

Boruto Uzumaki-Jougan and its Powers

For now, though, Boruto isn’t able to control and use it according to him, we think that will change in the future,and he could control it. He activated the Jaugan in his right eye after a prophetic dream conveyed by ToneriOtsutsuki.

Boruto Uzumaki’s Jaugan: Powers and Abilities

This Dojutsuof Boruto’sseems very powerful. It provides him with the ability to see things that are unseen by the normal eyes.It can detect the weak chakra in the body of any creature, be it human or animal and use it to defeat that creature as a light and simple hit at that weak point can be fatal.

It also has the power to sense the evil chakra in his surroundings. The Jaugan activates automatically when there is any negative chakra around. We saw him using this ability in the Nue arc.

Another ability of Jaugan is that it can connect between the dimensions and see the invisible barriers that are unseen by the normal eyes.

For now, we don’t know any more of the abilities and powers of Boruto’sJaugan,but we’re positive that there’s a lot more to be unveiled. We hope by the time Kawaki invades Konohagakure, Boruto would ultimately control the Jaugan and more features of it’ll be disclosed. He’ll need some training and practice,and the things will be on track back again.

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