Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date Finalized 2018

Black Bullet Season 2 release date

Black Bullet is one of the most awaited anime series for which fans are waiting from so long. After the success of the first season the dates for Black Bullet season 2 has been reflected many times but still, there is no clear announcement. Black Bullet is an adaption of the most famous series of Japanese light novel which was written by Shiden Kanzaki and later illustrated by the Saki Ukai. The anime episodes of this level were aired from 8 April 2014 to 1 July 2014 by the Orange Studio and Kinema Citrus. The first season of the Black bullet is composed of in total 12 episodes which are having their running time as 24 minutes and got a very good response from anime lovers and manga series. Later after its success in Japan, the anime was aired on Crunchyroll in America, on Tokyo MX and Sun TV.

Since after the release and success of season 1 fans are precisely waiting for the Black Bullet season 2 but wonders whether it will come or not as there has been 4 years period since the release of the first season. It is a good news for the fans that Kinema Studio has confirmed the release of Black Bullet season 2 but still, dates have not been finalized, you have to wait for their next announcement.

Black Bullet Season 2 release date

Story plot of Black Bullet Season 1

The story of the black bullet is set in the year 2021, it has been ten years since the deadly humanity preys for the deadly Gastrea virus. This virus is a very dangerous human parasite which directly attacks the DNA of human and then the attacked human is transformed into the monster. Gastrea virus has a very strong penetration ability, the only thing which can not be penetrated by this virus is varanium metal. Almost half of the population has converted into the monster and the remaining ones start moving towards the cities of Tokyo which are surrounded by boundaries of varanium walls.

When the citizens were facing this situation, for more tragedy they found that the pregnant women who are already in grip of this virus give birth to a child who is having the powers of super human. These types of children were named “cursed children”. A high school student Rentaro Saomi has lost his parents in a war against this virus Gastrea. A teenage girl Kisara Tendo also lost her parents who were killed by Gastrea virus. Enju Aihara is a cursed child who was born after the epidemic and possesses super human powers.

For deeds due to the infection of this virus, Renatro lost his one arm, eye, and leg while his limbs have been replaced by the varanium. Enju and Rentaro both join the Tendo civil agency which is owned by Kisara who is their childhood friend. Rentaro joins the agency as a promoter while Enju joins it as an initiator. As Enju is a cursed child so people doubt on his intentions and think that she is also a demon but very soon she makes her trust in everyone and proved herself by her true alignments. While working together both Rentaro and Kisara start falling for each other or develop a mutual affection but no one admits the situation.

In the first season of Black bullet both Rentaro and Kisara fight against the deadly virus Gastrea which is ruining the entire human population and wiping them out. Will they be able to overcome this virus or not? Is Enju showing his true intentions or hiding something, there are still lots of questions raised by season 1 which are needed to be answered. Fans are waiting for Black Bullet Season 2 for having answers to all their questions left by season 1.

The light novel series was having total 7 volumes and season 1 has adapted all content from them. This anime series got very good ratings and positive reviews after its release and become one of the most popular anime show of that time. The story and casting of this anime were really good which makes a grip on the audience and also succeed in gathering a huge fan base. As any reliable information is still missing but sources told that the release can be done anytime during 2018, we can just wait for it.

Updates related to release of Black Bullet Season 2

Black Bullet Season 2 release date

After the season 1 completes it leaves lots of questions whether the season 2 will release? From where will Kinema Citrus Studio get the material as they have taken all material for the release of the first season or is there anything left in the manga series and light novel from which the second season can be updated or produced. The announcement made by Kinema Citrus gives a sigh of relief as they have announced for the release of Black Bullet season 2 very soon.

As dates have not been announced yet but there are possibilities that Black Bullet Season 2 will come in starting of 2018 as Kinema Citrus has said there are no chances of its release before 2017. We can expect it in early 2018, the further details related to Black Bullet season 2 will be given by Kinema Citrus Studio related to the characters and plotting so wait for the new updates as the second season will going to be very interesting and breathtaking.


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