What is Best Way To Setup Alexa For Elderly?

Best Way To Setup Alexa For Elderly

The process of learning how to use the latest technology can be difficult Particularly when you’re working with something as complicated such as Amazon’s Alexa. For seniors, all you have to be aware of is the fact that making use of Amazon Alexa for the elderly is the same as speaking to a stranger.

Let’s say, for instance, you’re interested in what the weather forecast for today would be similar to. If you know someone who is extremely knowledgeable about the weather, then you’d say “Mark, what’s the weather going to be like today?” If you were Alexa you could simply ask, “Alexa, what is the weather for today?”

Today, we’ll talk about the reasons the reasons why it’s an beneficial idea to install an Alexa at home for an older person. We’ll also offer you the basic Amazon Alexa commands that will simplify your life simpler, and some tricks and tips for using your brand-new Alexa.

Getting Started Using Amazon Alexa For Elderly Users

The process of learning about how you can use your brand new Alexa is easy because all you require is an Alexa device with an internet connection that is wireless and a smartphone or computer. To begin using your Alexa device, you’ll need to:

  • The Alexa devices to an source of electricity
  • Download the Alexa application on your phone or laptop smart device.
  • Choose “Set Up New Device” on the app
  • Log in using your Amazon account details
  • The device must be connected to Wi-Fi.

Basic Amazon Alexa Commands

Now you’ve got you’ve got your Alexa is connected and is ready to go, we can learn more about the fun things and discover the essential Amazon Alexa commands that every Alexa owner should be aware of.

The very first set of commands you’ll need to learn include:

For Music

  • Alexa Play (name of) artist (or) track (or) album (or) genre
  • Alexa Turn your volume on (or) down
  • Alexa Mute (or) unmute
  • Alexa Play (or) play again
  • Alexa, stop (or) pause music
  • Alexa Replay this song
  • Alexa You can loop this album (or) playlist
  • Alexa Turn repeat off (or) off (“off” will also stop playback)
  • Alexa Turn shuffle on (or) off

For TV/Movie

  • Alexa I’m curious about what is the IMDb rating for the title of the show or movie?
  • Alexa Tell me about the film (or) show”, [title of movie/snow[title of snow/movie
  • Alexa Watch [titleAlexa, watch [title
  • Alexa is open Netflix
  • Alexa, pause
  • Alexa Repeat this song
  • Alexa, next episode
  • Alexa Show me your the shows (or) films with the name of the actor.

For Timers And Alarms

  • Alexa set an alarm time for [dateAlexa, set alarm for [time] (don’t forget to indicate AM or PM)
  • Alexa Wake me up [time to
  • Alexa Snooze [x-number of minutesAlexa, snooze [x-number of minutes]
  • Alexa How long is the remaining timer?
  • Alexa Stop timer

For Calendars And Reminders

  • Alexa What’s happening today?
  • Alexa Add [event date and time] to my calendar.
  • Alexa Add “Get a haircut” to my list of things to be done

Everyday Information

  • Alexa What’s the forecast for the weather today (or) for tomorrow (or) the weekend?
  • Alexa What’s the current news?
  • Alexa who took home the yesterday’s game?
  • Check CircleAlexa to see what films are currently playing in my area?

Tips And Tricks For Using Amazon Alexa

Although working with an Alexa is extremely easy however, there are some tricks and tricks that will make using the device more enjoyable for you.

Turn off to the “Alexa” wake up word. The Amazon gadget is constantly listening for the word that wakes you up (Alexa). It is possible to turn off this by just by pressing”mute” or the “mute” button on the device. If you’d like to switch it back on you can press the button once more.

Change the name of the alarm. If you dislike the name “Alexa” or if you have someone at home who is named Alex or something similar to it you can alter the name of the alarm clock to anything you like. To change it you need to access Alexa’s app (settings > settings Alexa gadget > the word you want to wake up with) and select any of the options.

Get updates on traffic. You can configure your daily routine in your application (settings > Traffic) and then request Alexa to give you the details of traffic to help you make your plan accordingly.

Control voice purchasing. Making purchases on Amazon is a breeze with Alexa but it can be a bit too simple. You can block your Alexa from buying items automatically by adding a pin at the time of checkout or completely disable this feature using the application (settings > voice purchase).

Challenges You May Experience When Using Amazon Alexa For The Elderly

One of the biggest issues when it comes to older people as well as Alexa is when the person is at the beginning stage of the disease. Although at this stage it’s beneficial for the person who is elderly to have unlimited access to information via Alexa but it can become annoying as the condition gets worse.

Another issue seniors have when using Alexa is that they can make use of Alexa to purchase items on Amazon when it’s linked with one of their Amazon account.

That means that if you have an Alexa is connected to your (or an individual’s) Amazon account, you are responsible for the cost of the purchase. If you’re struggling to remember things, you may lose track of what you’ve purchased or buy things that you don’t require.

Final Thoughts

As an older adult the freedom you enjoy is likely crucial in your life. You can keep an element of autonomy with the Amazon Alexa for older people. Alexa is a voice-activated device. Alexa will give you information on weather conditions and traffic alerts, play music, and even send you reminders about medications, doctor appointments and much more.

Should you happen to have concerns or questions we’d love to hear from you. Leave us an email! We’re always delighted for feedback from you.

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