10 Best Video Cutter Software in 2019

Best Video Cutter Software in 2019. The long videos always itch when you want to save memories. If you are filming the video, you may end up with the large files and duration. So how can you cut the unwanted video length?

Nowadays you can do in a lot of fun stuff by recording your videos because this is the era of digitization. YouTube is the second leading search engine after Google. You can estimate the value of YouTube and videos which have immense curiosity and people.

That’s the reason why people like to capture their moments and like to upload it, or they wish to save it as memories. But when they film their videos, they don’t know where to pause and where to resume because it is all the fun stuff going out and nobody cares about the length.

Once the video finished, you will look at it, and you can detect the unwanted video length. So how can you remove that unwanted video clip from your original video without losing your file? You need some video trimming for Video cutting software. If you are a PC user here is the list of the best video cutter for Windows 10.

Best part spending time here? You’ll pick the best video editor.

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10 Best Video Cutter software for Windows 10

Here is the list of best video cutter software for Windows 10 to download and use. You can also use online video cutter but for the personal videos we will not recommend you to upload your videos online. It is always best to download the legit software on your PC. Alright let’s go to the list.

1 Movavi


It tops the list and also the interface. It is the best video cutter software for Windows 10 right now. Basically, this is a video editor which will allow you to trim your videos, but this comes at the top because it has the sharp edge cutting for the videos.

With the storyboard editing experience type, you can enlarge your video to detect the point where you have to cut the video, and that’s this software comes handy. You can select the video at the end, and you can cut the footage with sharpness and smooth.

This is the best thing about this video cutting software for Windows 10.The most refreshing part this software has is even a beginner can understand it.

After editing your video, you can also amplify the quality of audio in the clip. This software offers Equalizer which you can use to boost your audio clip. You can choose a variety of filters and special effects to add on your video.

It is always beautiful when you add special effects in between your videos. It is a powerful but easy to use video editing software. In case if you want to add your own voice while the video is playing then also you can add by using this software which is also a cool feature. That’s quite an Improvement in overall video editing experience.

2 VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor

The first free video cutter in this video cutter for windows list is VSDC  video editor. It is free, and it has limitations, but it is simple to trim any video and save it. We have a lot of free options on the market, like Windows Movie Maker, which is also a good option.

But this has some extra features which you can add special effects to your filmed videos. It makes the overall usage simple and beginner-friendly. It supports all popular video and audio formats including DVD, HD and GoPro videos.

The paid version is also available, which is worth to give it a try. But the free version is enough to trim any video. The only drawback with this video editor is it will not accelerate the hardware process in the free version, which is a limited feature.

You can boost the rendering acceleration in the premium version. VSDC Video editor has multiple features like picture and picture, video Optimization and ability to support multiple random YouTube videos at once.

3 FAVSOFT Free Video Joiner

FAVSOFT Free Video Joiner

Another great software which we should mention in the list is Free audio and video soft video cutter. Usually, this is a joint, but you can also try me the videos you like, and you can also save the video.

The unique feature about this video cutting software is it supports both Mac and Windows, which is an essential thing. You will be surprised to know the real benefits of this video cutting software because you can trim the video and also you can crop the video.

A lot of people don’t know how to crop the video, for those this will be like a time saver. This powerful video cutter software supports over 300+ video formats like MP4, AVI, HD/FHD/Blu-Ray/4K videos, MKV, FLV, 3GP, etc.

Another cool part with this video editor is you can also add your own voice that means you can dub your voice.

4 Weeny Soft Video cutter

Weeny Soft Video cutter

A simple video editor to chop up the large video files. This is also a great addition if you want to try the simple video cutter for Windows 10.  Just like other video software in the list this editing software also allows you to edit audio.

You can enhance and amplify the desired sound. It can crop most of the video file formats like 3GP, ASF, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, RM, RMVB, VOB or WMV files.

You can always have an option to enhance the video of output size and audio volume. You can also set the quality of video while exporting so that you can compress the video size.

The advantage of using this software is that you will get a beginner-friendly user interface which every starter like to have.

5 WinX Video Converter

WinX Video Converter

You cannot judge this video editor with this interface because it seems very clumsy. But trust me this is also a free and beautiful video cutter for Windows 10. You may see a lot of options in other video cutters, but this is specially designed to trim your video and to joint your video.

You can not only cut the videos you uploaded into this tool but also you can merge any different videos using this tool.

This video cutter software supports a variety of formats and also you can export them into multiple formats with a simple click. Import your videos to see the magic of this video cutter tool.

The user interface doesn’t look beautiful, but it is beautiful in the work progress. Simply add your videos and set the time phrase where you want video.

6 Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

The premium editor which has the best features compared to other video editing services. Filmora is a proven video editing software with a lot of premium features which is giving tough competition to the top video editing software in the industry.

Wondershare video editor is an essential tool if you are a blogger or YouTuber especially. It gives you all the freedom to play with your videos that means you can cut and save any part of the video with special effects.

You can simply edit a short film with this video editor. This is not only used to trim the videos, but also people will use this video editor to create some stunning videos. The user interface is very fresh, and it is easy to understand that you can get the access to the trim tool in the storyboard layout itself. Wondershare Filmora is a great video cutter tool for Windows 10.

7 Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

The first free software in this list is Gihosoft Free video cutter. The interface and ease of use is extremely beautiful. You just have to import the video file and select the time range where you have to save and save the new video with the desired length.

You can cut a clip from a movie or video of various formats like AVI, MPEG, MPG, VOB, WMV, 3GP, MOV and MP4, etc. And save the clip in four formats. Easy to install and the user interface is fresh. You can see the picture above.

This video cutter is entirely free, and no additional charges are hidden. You can download and give it a try now. This is one of the best and free video cutter for windows 10 with a beautiful interface.

8 VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is free software that trims your videos, and it has been most of the marketer’s favorite if you don’t know why people like it, then let me tell you.

It offers a one-time license fee, you will get lifetime updates and lifetime access to the software with only a one-time subscription fee. This is by far the best option for the people who want to create the most amazing videos for their channels digitally.

And of course, it has its free version which is the best option to trim your videos and to make a new file. It has both home edition and Master edition. The master edition is an advanced video editing software which is a premium tool.

You will also get an app from the software for iPhone users. With the interface, you may feel it is a little bit hard to understand, but once you see the interface completely, then it will be easy to start trimming your videos.

9 Animotica – Movie Maker

Animotica - Movie Maker

Let’s introduce you the new all-rounder video editor Animotica which is specially designed for Windows 10. Yes you heard it right it is unique because it has beautiful layout and it is the unique feature this video editor has. It is a platform where you can edit your videos, create slideshows, and even create movies.

This is a user-friendly video editing software which is easy for both beginners and professionals. Anyone can create stunning looking videos within a few minutes using this software even if you are a baby in creating videos.

When we talk about video trimming, of course, it offers Video cutting. It also offers to add voice over, vivid animations, transitions, and customization options. You can also blur the background, which indeed features.

10 Easy Video Maker

Easy Video Maker

RealZeal Video editor is a free editor as it says but also simple. The user interface is very easy as it says in the name. Even a beginner to professional can also trim their videos using this simple video trimming tool.

In addition, this video trimming tool offers screen capturing and Chroma key too. That means you can edit green screen videos also using this free video trimming tool. It also comes with an additional audio tool by using you can add music to your videos.

Wiping everything

So this is the beautiful list video cutter tools for Windows 10.  We have included the tools in no particular orders so you can try any software you like.

When choosing the right video cutter tool, you have to look for some features like fast rendering and importing the videos. Also, you have to take care about your point of multi-format supporting, which is essential. If you have a camera and mobile, then you main see the difference between those output formats. So when trying to purchase or to download a video cutter tool, go with these essential features.

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