Undoubtedly, µTorrent is the best torrent client to download free movies for your android and Mac devices but somehow, due to extreme ads and premium features, users are finding the alternative of µTorrent for downloading movies and other TV series, episodes etc.

Best Torrent Client for Android


So let’s start with the reason of µTorrent alternative:

  1. Extreme Ads in free Version (App is considered as bogus as if you want to check downloads only, you have to go through 30-second ads)
  2. Even screen stays active for 10 sec to 15 sec after unlocking their phone so you can’t able to see whole 30-second ad video too.
  3. Premium Features
  4. You can’t download the movies or other files in your SD card.
  5. Some users are facing issue with the downloading of movies such as movies are under queue, not started to downloads, seeds problem etc.
  6. µTorrent can suck your mobile data if you are not using it on Wi-Fi.

µTorrent Alternative to download free movies on android: Flud Torrent Downloader

Yes! Flud torrent downloader is the only and best alternative to downloading free movies on the android device. It is a simple, elegant and efficiently designed and optimized UI which supports torrent with a large number of files, recognize magnetic links from the browser and providing encryption and IP filtering support. Even you can’t use flud on your data plan as they ask for Wi-Fi only to download magnet files of the movie. Here are few more features of this Flud torrent play store app:

  1. Download unlimited movies sequentially
  2. Select destination from your own.
  3. RSS feed support with automatic downloading
  4. Option to change theme color (Light or dark).
  5. Even, you can change the destination of files while downloading.
  6. Support torrents with a big size file too.
  7. µTP (µTorrent Transport Protocol) support, PeX (Peer Exchange) and universal plug and play support.

Flud Torrent downloader is the best bit torrent app in which you can download movies for free, light weight with very few ads, highly customizable with no bugs and slows down issues.

While using flud for downloading the free movie or any other files of size more than 1GB, you could face the downloading stuck problem on ‘download metadata’ and if the size of the torrent is 3.4 something, then Flud shows it only 3. These were the few of minor changes or issues to fix in coming times.

Is Flud safe to download files and movies?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to download Flud. 100K-500K downloads with 4.5+ star rating are more than enough to check or to get the indication of an app.  Flud is phenomenal in downloading free movies. Just download the magnet file of your choice of movie.

Important Point to Consider after downloading movie from Flud Torrent downloader:

Once, you download the movie or any other files completely, just check out the ISP of your app and make sure to pause it because these torrent apps are having options of “Downloading the seeds automatically” and they could suck your mobile data too.

How to stop unwanted ads in uTorrent/Flud itself?

If you are using flud or uTorrent and you are facing the problem with ads display, then you could download AdAway and XPrivacy on your rooted phone to block all bullshit ads and malware. Lucky patcher is also one of the good app to wipe out the ads in the app itself.

Alternative of Torrent:

Are you fed up with all the torrent files and their apps? Are you just want to watch out the movies for free? Are you using uTorrent, BiTorrent or Flud for movies only? If yes, you don’t need to do that.

ShowBox and Popcorn Time App are more than enough to download free movies with no sign-up and no registration charges. You could download this app to watch out the movies freely.

Finally, your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know your suggestion or recommendation based on this article and if you have any question, let us know in a comment box and we will get back to you soon.

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