10 Best Strategy Games Like Age Of Empires

Strategy games are not meant for everyone. It just cannot be played by everyone unless the person has the passion to invest some of his parts in the game. Strategy games require to actually put you in the situation and to make some of the important decision and thoughts for moving ahead in the game. It is like the player is given the position of the commander who manages the entire situation right from breaking the code, finding the hidden weapons and powers to developing and implementing the strategies to move to the next level of the game.

Strategy games are the ones that are enjoyed by players of almost all age groups. They are actually fun and moreover, they allow the players to play the game according to their own ways and not by some pre-defined rules. No other category of the game gives you so much of control in the game other than the strategy games and maybe this is the reason that they are becoming more and more popular than ever before. There are many strategic games available in the market and so you will never get short trying a new game whenever you feel like. Here are some of the best strategy games that you can try for experiencing fun and excitement altogether. Have a look:

1. Total War – Warhammer 2:

Total War - Warhammer 2

The game has been inspired by the iconic series of Warhammer which has been transformed in the best combination of fantasy, experiments, adventures and a lot of strategies. The markers of the game – Creative Assembly, never fail to impress its viewers with their creativity and appealing graphics. You can expect the same from this game. The game has been made by taking full care of the little details so that it can be kept as real as possible for the users.

The game is one of those epic games that every game lover must try. You can try any of the 5 Warhammer races and can try to build up your own empire. No matter which of the 5 races you choose, each comes with different and unique elements, battles, playing style, etc. which makes every race one of its own kind, thereby increasing the fun and adventure in every race. These games give you the best experience of a strategy game with the amazing and brilliant effects of the wild dragons, wyverns, etc. Bring your strategies into action and make use of the powerful storms and electrifying powers to get protected from the battle and to move ahead from the empire of the enemy.

2. Command and Conquer:

Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer have been in the industry for like many years and thus know exactly how to hook up users to the game. It is one of the best games that can be tried by the beginners who are just starting playing the strategy games. Once you start the game, there is no backing out. The makers have made sure that they are serving the best addictive real-time strategy game to the users and they actually have.

The game can either be played as a single player or with your friends using the multi-player mode. The game offers a lot to the players like battling to collect the resources, developing new and unique structures, fighting against one another to save self in the game, etc. Talking about the graphics, the game has got really amazing graphics that make the whole experience of playing the game more interesting, realistic and fun. The game is listed in the list of the best strategy games available with higher ratings. This should go without saying that it is one of those games that you should not miss.

3. Halo Wars 2:

Halo Wars 2

The game was released on 21st February 2017 and soon after its release it has made a buzz in the gaming industry. Most of the users who have tried this game as ranked it as the best strategy game made so far. And why not? With Microsoft publisher as its publisher along with Creative Assembly and 343 Industries as its developer, the game had very fewer chances to go anywhere less than being perfect. It is available on the Xbox One and Windows 10 platform with the best graphics delivering the best experience to the players.

You will be totally impressed with the quality of the game’s visuals and the technical beauty that has been added to the game. However, in this version of the game, a lot more efforts have been made on the cinematic elements of the game so that the user experience can be enhanced till the top most level. If you are a fan of the Halo club and are totally impressed by the quality, features, and effects of this game, then you must keep up the excitement and be all charged up as there will soon be a sequel of the game, which will be released in short time.

4. Xenonauts 2:

Xenonauts 2

This strategy game is one of the kinds in the defensive zone. The game nails its part as being one of the top-rated defense games with the best real-time strategies implementation. The developer of the game, Goldhawk Interactive, have made sure that they have developed and delivered such a strategic game that the gamers will love. They have also paid complete attention to the part on enhancing the picture and visual quality of the game. The game can be played either as a single player or with a group of friends.

Moreover, the game also stands apart as you will not interact with the regular enemy in this game. The makers have worked hard on developing and strengthening the game’s enemy so that the users have to apply more of their strategies to come out of the game’s level. They have been also working to add some of the unique elements in the game that will be hard to find in any other strategy game available at the present time. We are not sure what will come in the next part of the game, but we are sure for the fact that this is the game that you should never miss if you truly are a fan of the strategic games.

5. Supreme Commander:

Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is one such game that can keep you intact throughout. The game has got some really interesting features and graphics that are sufficient to keep the gamers stick to the game. The game has an immersive aspect for its gameplay along with offering 180 degrees of aerial view. This feature of aerial view provides one of the best game views to the players as they can zoom in and can zoom out to the entire site or map of the game and can thereby get the exact idea of the game’s situation. However, there are some people who are not satisfied with the graphics quality of the screen but still, the game manages to steal the limelight with its large zoom in and zoom out feature giving the best awareness about the situation in the game.

The game is not suggested for the beginners because of its intense quality and fast pace. The players need to protect their construction along with fighting to find new resources and constructing the new construction. The player need always to be on their toes for making new decisions and implementing new strategies to win over the enemy. The game is widely loved by the players because of its efforts to make the people get so involved in the game.

6. The Guild 3:

The Guild 3

Guild 3 is the next part of the game Guild 2 which despite having some of the great ideas, in theory, failed to get appreciation from the users because of the lack of implementation magic. Despite the not so good response of the previous game, the publisher – THQ Nordic, has made sure that they don’t repeat the same mistake again and it won’t be wrong to say that they have succeeded this time without a doubt. The joint efforts of the publisher and the developer – GolemLabs, have completely ruled out the shortcomings of the Guild part 2. The interface of the game has been kept extremely simple to offer much of the gaming elements to the users rather than presenting them with the other associating elements.

The game is all about to protect you and created legacy and family from the raids of the bandits that can happen at any point in time. Thus, when you are busy developing and enhancing your new legacy, you will have the responsibility to protect your already developed legacy from the raids of the bandits and this is where you have to be quick and implementing with your strategies. In addition to this, you also have the natural disasters that can again ruin your legacy completely. How the players will find a way out to protect their legacy and how they actually implement it will add nothing less than an amazing experience for the players.

7. XCOM 2 – War of the Chosen:

XCOM 2 – War of the Chosen

The name XCOM needs no introduction when we are talking about the best strategy games available. They have been in the industry and are well-aware of all the essential elements that must be present in the game that can make the players want more. XCOM 2 is one such game that is the sequel of the worldwide accepted and appreciated strategy game – XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The second part continues to take the same level of excellence in its making and therefore is receiving, even more, appreciation throughout the world. In terms of graphics, screenplay and picturing quality, the game seems to have no competition.

All the fans of the strategy games will accept the fact that XCOM 2 is by far the deepest strategy games that have been developed with some amazing, unique and innovative elements in the gameplay. The game revolves around the player who happens to be one of the last defenders of the Earth against the aliens. You as a player have to defeat the aliens who have conquered the Earth and thus you try every possible strategy to reassemble the XCOM to make the human army stand against the aliens. During the game, you would also have to make some moves to build your own team of officers along with destroying the alien’s area and stealing from their resources.

8. The Escapists 2:

The Escapists 2

This real-time strategy game came into action in the month of August and was made available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game has all the right elements that can be accepted to have in a strategy game. It combines the best of gaming tactics, best screenplay, and best strategic moves along with offering the best in town list of unique and innovative features. The game doesn’t fail to impress with any of elements and thus is receiving all the popular feedback and reviews from the players worldwide.

The game revolves around the player who is a prisoner and is trying to escape from it.in doing so the player needs to apply some of the changing game tactics so that the guards of the prison can be fooled every time. It, therefore, requires the player to be innovative in his approach to game tactics and to try a new set of ideas for every try of escaping. The game offers you to choose your player from the 4 player drop-in and drop-out mode so that you can choose the player as per the need for the situation. The game is altogether a winner in all aspects of a strategy game. When are you giving it a try?

9. Frozen Synapse 2:

Frozen Synapse was a hit then and is a hit now with its new version of the game released in 2017. The game has continued to carry the league of the previous game in all respect and to provide the players with the best of gaming features and screenplay one more time. Mode 7 limited being the developer and publisher of the game has brought and served all the right ideas for the players so that they can find the best of the gaming experience without worrying about the lacking quality or any other gaming issue. The game has been receiving an amazing response from the players all over the world and that itself speaks to the success of the game.

Players can actually forget if there is any shortcoming in the industry of strategy games when they are served with these kinds of games. Just like the previous version, the present version of the game also revolves around having small doors, windows, etc. accompanied with the small force of soldiers who are making a lot of action to win the battle against the enemy. With the advanced graphics and gameplay, all these features seem more human-like. This is the game which had the highest expectations in terms of matching the level of excellence of the previous version of the game along with coming up with something even more interesting and unique in the present version and we are happy to say that the game has been successful in keeping its users happy and satisfied.

10.  Company of Heroes:

Company of Heroes

You can say that we have kept the best for the end. This game is amongst the few award-winning real-time strategy games. Thus you can expect nothing less than perfection from this game. The game, on the other hand, also doesn’t fail to deliver the best to its users. The game is based on the scenario of World War II and thus every little and minor detail has been taken care of in the game. The game has been ranked on the list of being one of the most realistic strategy games by its worldwide users which speaks for the game’s glory by itself and thus doesn’t need any more justifications.

The force behind designing and developing such an interesting game – Relic, has tried their every bit to make the game the best realistic in terms of the location and the interaction way between the soldiers. With some amazing graphics, gameplay, playing features, destructive environment, etc. the game will deliver you the best realistic experience of being in the war. Despite the incredible features and qualities, the game is not that hard to play and heavy to play. While the professional players will have a gala time playing this game, even the beginners will not face any kind of a hard time to try this game.


There are many games that can be listed in the list of best strategy games but these games are worth the mention because of the perfection with which these games have been made. These strategy games will give you the best experience as a player. Let us know which of the game you would like to try first and also share your experience while playing the game by commenting below.

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