Avoiding The First Date Disaster

 The first date is the thing that makes us nervous with ease. The emergency state of mind on final exams or an important business meeting fades comparing to frustration before the first date. The strangest thing is that is seems that online dating had made things way simpler.

Why on earth you have to be nervous, when you got to know each other? But you still feel frustrated before your first offline date. Of course you fear that your first date would go wrong. So many first dates turn into disasters, even when you understand each other online quite well.

Avoiding The First Date Disaster

Turns out that offline you can be easily irritated by your date-mates intonation or something else. Especially when it comes to international dating, as your partner’s offline English may be worse than her online English. All in all, we all dream about avoiding the disaster on the first date. So, in order to help you we’ve collected certain tips on how to avoid turning your first offline date into disaster.

Swap Online for Offline ASAP

No matter what you read about that knowing each other mentally online, if you get the instant spark with your chat-mate, don’t waste weeks or months before setting the first offline date. You see, that online communication can easily trick you.

The longer you communicate online, the more you believe that you are already in a relationship. But most likely it’s nothing but illusion. And you believe in that illusion, and in the end you feel to relaxed before your first offline date and you won’t pay much attention to the way you look and the way you act. But there is no guarantee that your chat-mate shares the same feelings.

Mostly people use online communication in order to figure out whether they would like to meet their chat-mates offline or not. So, if you think that you’ve got the spark after a few days of communication, you should go on the first offline date. Do it before you are completely tricked into believing that you and your chat-mate are already romantically linked, and then get disappointed by the fact that none of your calls return after the date.

Learn Your Chat-Mate’s Interests

 You are going to talk a lot online and you are going to talk even more offline. While communicating online, you should learn your chat-mates interests, that’s your knowledge on how to avoid awkward silence on your first date.

Learning your chat-mate’s interests would help you find great conversational topics for your first offline date. Still, you should remember that politics, religion and discussing your exes are the topics you need to avoid on a first date. You may have different political views and you may have different religious beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work together as a couple. But you won’t be able to even try being a couple, if you’d start arguing on political and religious issues on your first date.

If you talk about your exes, your date-mate may get the feeling that you haven’t overcome your past-relationship. Needless to say that your possible relationship development would end up on the first date.

Don’t Chat With Other Pospects While On a Date

Online dating gives you a possibility to chat with different prospective partners simultaneously. But if you want to know how to avoid being awkward on the first date, don’t chat with any of them.

You choose that particular chat-mate for the first offline date for a reason, so try to understand whether you would work out as a couple or not, instead of chatting with other prospective partners. And put your phone away, while on the date.

You know that concentrating on your phone is one of those first date mistakes that you should avoid by any cost? So, put it away and concentrate on your conversation with your date-mate.

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