Top 10 Anime Girls With White Hair – 2018

The hair color of anime is the one which says a lot more about them and depicts their whole personality just with this single instance before even they start talking or commenting. The white or silvery hair color is most likely found favorite one among anime lovers which gives them a cool, mysterious and calm look and it is also believed that the anime characters which possess abilities to fight mostly have the white color. Well, it is hard to tell about the true level of this phrase but yes one thing which we can say is white-haired color girls are damn cute with classy appearance. Today we are here going to discuss about 10 best white hair anime girls. Let’s explore them.

Top 10 Anime Girls With White Hair

1. Emilia from the Re Zero

Emilia is considered the beautiful white hair anime girl who is from the anime named as Re Zero. If you are an anime lover then I can bet you must know her as she is the main anime series heroine with the beautiful snow white hairs. The character of Emilia in this anime is of half elf who has also participated for the position of 42nd King of Lugnica.

2. Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto

Kaguya Otsutsuki is the Rabbit Goddess in the anime series Naruto and she also known as the first person who wields chakra on earth. On the universe, she is also known as the very strongest character with beautiful and noticeable hairs. Her character is admirable and very beautiful but hair white hairs are just like the major attraction with an elegant look.

3. Fremy Speeddraw from Rokka no Yuusha

She is another beautiful white haired anime girl with great skills and is a great character having stunning character image, designer boot and an anime to be underestimated. Her catchy appearance will definitely steal your hearts with a beautiful smile on your face.

4. Shiro from Deadman Wonderland

The another anime girl of the series Deadman Wonderland named as Shiro is the next girls in this list who is having beautiful white hairs with her name also meaning white. In Japan term, Shiro stands for white and may be this is due to her name that she is also having beautiful white hairs. She is one of the most energetic characters with good and decent features.

5. Suigintou from Rozen Maiden

She is the great anime girls from the anime series Rozen Maiden who is enriched with beautiful rocking pure white hairs which gives a beautiful contrast to her amazing fashion sense, it can be said that she is one of the beautiful and best anime girl having white hairs.

6. Nagisa Momoe from Madoka Magica

She is the main character of Madoka Magica the Movies Part 3 : Rebellion with a mysterious character everything about her is like a mystery even her white hairs also as it is still a question who is she and what is her main role or character even the surrounding characters of Nagisa Momoe are also questionable but apart from all this she is really a beautiful anime girl possessing white hairs.

7. Nashiro Yasuhisa from Tokyo Ghoul

Nashiro Yasuhisa is also known as the Shirona, she and Kurona are the twin sisters belong to the series of Tokyo Ghoul. Her sister Kurona is having black hairs the same as her name which means black in the Japanese language. Nashiro is a one day ghoul who is having beautiful white hair as per her name.

8. Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tale

She is also a beautiful character who belongs to the fairy tale. She is really an adorable nice and composed girl who always has a smile on her face. She is having a sweet and nice character and can also turn completely into a badass when she takes out the antagonists. Her beautiful white hair creates a higher level of attraction among anime lovers.

9. Koneko Toujo from Highschool DxD

Another anime girl who is having white hair is Koneko Toujo she is from the anime series Highschool DxD who belongs to the Nekoshou species and a nekomata. The translation of her name Koneko is Kitten which depicts and suits her character, design, and personality.

10. Leonmitchelli from Dog days

She is the last anime girl on our list who is having beautiful white hairs and belongs to the anime series Dog days. She is one of the special anime characters who makes her own presence with her manners and good personality. Sometimes she looks ferocious at first sight but she is completely opposite and a nice anime girl.

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