Top 10+ Sites Like MP3Boo: Best Alternatives [2018]

Sites like mp3boo. If there is something that relieves most of the people from their tensions and stress on a daily basis then it is music. Many people have admitted that it is their favorite music that helps them to get away from all of their tensions, anxiety, and stress.  Music is the perfect escape for most of the people that are used for cheering the mood up along with being the best companion in many situations.

sites like mp3boo

There would hardly any person who does not like music and therefore, there have been many popular music sites that offer a variety of features to the music lovers. One such popular site was Mp3Boo which offered the music lovers with the songs of their choice with the ease of listening and downloading the same. But since the Mp3Boo site is not active for quite a long time now and people are looking for other music sites that offer the music lovers with the same features and ease and can be the best Mp3Boo alternatives.

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Thanks to the technical friendly time that we all live in, there are many music sites that are available in the market that are doing their best in keeping the music lovers happy. If you too are looking for some alternate sites like Mp3Boo then here are some of the names that you can consider and try:


1. MP3INT:


If you are one of those who look for simplicity on a site then MP3INT is the perfect for you. The site has an interactive interface which can easily be used by the users. The homepage of the site is kept very simple so that the users can easily find the required soundtrack. The only drawback of this site is that the users cannot download an artist’s album altogether but can download the individual songs effortlessly. Thus, this site is one of the perfect Mp3Boo alternatives offering the same simplicity that the users want. If you are thinking to try this site, go ahead. You will surely be not disappointed with the features and simplicity that it can offer you.

2. SoundCloud:


SoundCloud is the perfect place for the music lovers from around the globe who are looking for sites like Mp3Boo. The music lovers can not only enjoy listening and downloading their favorite song but also get an option to connect with their favorite artists around the globe. The site is just perfect where the music creators of different genres and category can come together and share their created music. Moreover, the music creators also get a feedback from the SoundCloud community for their created music and thus get an easy way out to connect to their audiences in the best possible way with the best music of their choice.


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4. 7Digital:


Have devices working on different platforms? No problem. 7Digital is the best site available from where you can find your favorite music for all the leading operating system and platform ranging from Android, iOS to Blackberry and Firefox. Not only this, the site also offers an option to direct the music lovers directly to the nearest music store along with offering convenient B2B services for the customers. The users also download music in different formats like 16 bit, Mp3 256, Mp3 320, m4A, etc. This site is nothing less than a treat to the music lovers for providing them the music of their choice accompanied with some of the great features.

5. LoudTronix:


LoudTronix is one of the popular names in the list of sites like Mp3Boo. It has become one of the most popular and favorite music sites for the music lovers. One of the biggest attraction and advantage that this site offers to its users is searching the music without any advertisements. The users are not disrupted by so many advertisements every time they search for any of their favorite music. The site can be the best place for finding the music of any category, artist or genre. Moreover, the users can also find the some of the videos that cannot be found on any other social option. Thus, the music lovers are totally in love with this site. The site also provides an option to the users to add an extension of the site to their Google Chrome so that their YouTube videos can be directly downloaded in the MP3 format.

6. Mp3Juices:


If you are one of those users who cannot remember the exact name of the song and just remember some of its keywords, then Mp3Juices can be the site that you can try for searching the song with that keyword. The site is extremely simple to use and offer the same help that the site Mp3Boo used to offer to the users. The users are seen convenient using the sites as they just have to type in the keywords of the songs and they are shown the required result within an instant of time. The other cool feature that the site offers to the users is to save and download any song to the Google Drive, DropBox, etc. The users also get the option to play and download the videos as well without any hassles.

7. Download Albums:

Download Albums - sites like mp3boo

This is one of the simplest sites that the users can try from the various Mp3Boo alternatives. The users do not have to do any special effort for downloading the song. They just have to click on the thumbnails of the required song or album and they are provided with the song of their choice. The site offers minimal waiting for downloading and listening to the song. Also, you don’t have to worry about the genre of which you are looking for the song as the site has a vast variety of songs available on its list. Thus, if you have any of the songs in your mind, there are high chances that you will find that song on this site.

8. Plixid:


Wouldn’t it be comfortable if you are served with songs in the most sorted manner? If yes, then we have the site of Plixid from the list of sites like Mp3Boo for you. The site has been extremely popular amongst its users for its organized arrangement of the songs available. The users don’t have to look here and there for finding any of their favorite songs as they have a proper arrangement to find that for them. Besides having a search box, this site offers the option of finding the song from the list of artists, albums, etc. to its users. This means that even if you remember any little detail about the song, you can easily find the same on this site. However, some people find this site a bit confusing, but once you have gone through the site thoroughly then you will surely enjoy your experience with this site.

9. InstaMp3:

InstaMp3 is one of those few sites that offer its users with amazing experience of downloading and listening to their favorite songs without any advertisements in between and with minimal work. The users just have to type in the keyword of the song and the site presents the same song to them from their database. The users like using this site because it can be easily operated by any of the users and do not require the user to tech-savvy for its usage. The site also offers the search history to the users where they can easily find the songs that they searched for in the past. Thus you will never get out from the song’s information that you had searched. Doesn’t this makes this site one of the best Mp3Boo alternatives?

10. 2Wavvy:


Many times we regret buying the entire album just for one song thinking that the entire album will be as good as that one song. Happened to you as well? Well, in such situation wouldn’t it be wonderful we can buy the album after listening to it? 2Wavvy is the site that allows its users to listen to the songs prior buying the entire album. As an additional benefit to the users, the site gives an access to the various songs that haven’t released as of now as well. This means that the users get an access to the recently released songs and of those songs that are still to get released. Moreover, the users don’t have to pay anything for listening and downloading the songs from either of the two categories. This is one of its distinguished features that it offers to its users other than the other available music sites.

11. Israbox:


This is yet another site from the list of sites like Mp3Boo which allows the users to download the entire album of their favorite artists without any hassles. Many users have claimed that they get the access to their favorite song within an instant of time by just clicking on the turbobit link of that song. Apart from its high speed, the site offers a vast collection of songs from any genre or category. In most of the other sites, you have to subscribe the site for downloading the songs but with Israbox the users can get their favorite songs for free with the help of turbobit links available. The process of searching for the song has been kept very basic so that every user can access the site without facing many difficulties. The users just have to enter the song’s keywords and they get instant results for their searched songs.

12. eMusic:


As the name hints, the site can be accessed for finding music from all over the world. The site has an interesting, attractive yet appealing homepage that holds the attention of the users and keeps them holding with the site. The more you discover the site, the more you fall in love with its interface and amazing features. The site has a bundle of features available for its users that opens up the gate for the various soundtracks from all over the world. Although, the site requires its users to sign up before they can access its amazing features but once you are on this site there is no looking back. You will not regret your decision of signing in with the site as you will be all entertained with the variety of music sites that you are given.

13. Mp3Jam:


If you want to be safe while downloading the song, then Mp3Jam is the site for you. The site is legal and therefore using the site for downloading the music is extremely safe and convenient for the users. Not only does this site offer the users to download the songs but it also allows the users to listen as well as share the songs to other people through a number of social platforms. The site is as fast as you want it to be and so you don’t have to wait, either to download the song or for sharing the same with your loved ones. With its database having 20 million songs, you don’t have to worry about missing any of your favorite songs. You can find any of your favorite songs from any genre from this site.


Mp3Boo was the sites that most of the users were fond of using because of the some of the best features that it offered to the users. However, in the absence of that site, all the above-mentioned sites are the best Mp3Boo alternatives that the users can try without facing any hassles and difficulties. All these sites offer some or the other features that are capable enough to hold the users to that site, apart from being simple to use and navigate. We are sure you would certainly fall in love with these sites as soon as you start using them. Do let us know which of the sites you like as much as you liked Mp3Boo by commenting below. Also feel free to share your experience of using these sites.

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