Alexa Won’t Turn On: 6 Easy Fixes [2022]


Do you think you’re Alexa isn’t turning on Have you been anxious? Are you aware you’re Alexa device is not working? The smart device installed in the home will give you plenty of smart choices.

This will make the home an intelligent environment in which the voice command will take care of the majority of the tasks for you. This could be the smart TV or security system the device will function with you like the robot.

It will listen to your commands, and then to play your music. There are some problems as with other devices that Alexa might also have to contend with. One of the most frequent problems concerns that the Amazon Alexa won’t turn on issue.

If you’re experiencing this issue and are searching for a solution you’ve found the right website. In this article, you will find out the reason you’re facing these problems and the way you can be able to solve the issue.

What’s the Root of The Problem: Alexa Won’t Turn On

  • Alexa-enabled devices are extremely popular devices made by Amazon with built-in Alexa voice assistant. There are instances where you may encounter that the device isn’t functioning even though you’ve plugged it into the power source.
  • One of the main causes of this issue is that there is an incorrect connecting of the adapter to the power source.

Primary Reason the reason why Alexa Echo isn’t turning on

  • Power Cord not properly plugged into
  • Incorrect or damaged the Power Cord
  • The power supply is not working properly or circuit board, or power supply circuit is broken in Alexa Echo
  • A malfunctioning motherboard could be the cause.
  • Alexa Power Devices Issues

What should I do if your Alexa isn’t turning on?

After you’ve learned the primary reasons at the root of this issue Let’s now discover how to resolve the issue without worrying about it.

Step 1 Verify whether the Power Cord not properly plugged into

Step 2 Verify the fault or damaged Power Cord or change it

Step 3 Fix the issue with the circuit board, power supply or power supply damaged circuit in Alexa Echo

Step 4 Step4: Examine and fix the problem with the motherboard.

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Basic Troubleshooting Tips When Amazon Alexa isn’t turning on:

There are some fundamental troubleshooting procedures that you need to adhere to and that are likely work well for you:

Step 1 Unplug the Echo
Step 2 Step 2: Switch the power outlet
Step 3 Step 3: Replace the Power adapter
Step 4 Contact with Amazon to request a replacement
Step5: Alexa App Setting
Step6 Step 6: A few advanced troubleshooting Steps

Step 1: Unplug your Echo:

The first method for troubleshooting is unplugging the device. You may have heard of it , but be sure to follow the proper procedure.

  • The first thing you must do is unplug your power source from the power supply.
  • Then, you have to sit for at most 2 or 3 minutes.
  • If you find an echo-based device has turned hot, you’ll should allow it to cool down.
  • Then , put the adapter back into the power outlet.
  • If your device powered by Alexa is functional or not.

If the device is not functioning, then you must proceed to this step.

Step 2: Reset your Power Outlet

  • If you find that the unplug method didn’t work for you, you are able to easily switch the source of power. There could be a problem with the outlet too.
  • Be sure to go to the nearest power source and then verify if it’s serviceable or not. Connect the lamp to the table to see if it’s working. After that , plug in the Alexa power adapter to check whether there’s an alternative power source, and then turn the device on. Be sure to verify that it is operating or not.
  • If not, follow what you did in the following step.

Step 3 Change the power Adapter:

  • Then, check make sure that the power adapter, or wiring is both in good shape or not. There are times when there is wear and tear on the wire, which could cause an interruption in the power supply to the device.
  • If you notice any signs of wear, take it off the power adapter. Be sure to ensure you only purchase amazon-certified items only.

Step 4: Get in Contact with Amazon to request a replacement

If you notice that the issue doesn’t solved, you need to contact assistance via Amazon. Make sure your device is still within the warranty period to be eligible for a replacement.

Step5: Alexa App Setting:

To do this you must follow the steps in within Alexa app:

  • Start the Alexa App
  • After that, go to the help page and click on use the feedback feature.
  • Choose customer service on the phone and select the device you want to use.
  • Select the category.
  • Make sure you have mentioned the problem.
  • Click the Call Me option and Amazon will contact you.

Step6: Some advanced Troubleshooting Methods:

If you notice that your device is past the warranty period the chances are that you’ll likely not qualify for replacement. If you’re one of these and you are, then you don’t not worry about it since you can accomplish one of the following:

Get Your Circuit:

  • If you find that the echo is unable to start during the troubleshooting this is the right time to seek out advanced troubleshooting. Echo Device Mainly centrally build as a circuit board which already provides power to the entire machine.
  • If the circuit is damaged or the component fails it will not be able to receive the power. Therefore, you need to replace the component. You can take the device to a professional to determine the problem and then change your circuit board.

If you’re still struggling to solve the issue that Alexa isn’t turning on and you are unable to turn it on, contact the Alexa Assistance Line specialists.


How to turn off the light in Alexa Echo gadget?

If you notice an orange light flashing this means that you’ve received a message or that your Alexa contacts has left you an email. To stop the flashing yellow light, you should ask Alexa about any notification you may receive. The Alexa will notify you of any message you may have.

How do I turn off notifications and messages from your Alexa Echo device?

If you wish to turn off the notifications, you can simply say Alexa to turn on Do Not disturb mode. Then you can open the Alexa application on the phone, then go to the settings, and then select the option for device settings. After that, toggle the”do not disturb” button. There is no way to receive any notifications visible on the flashing lights in the echo dot.

What are these Buttons perform on an Alexa Echo device?

If you’re contemplating what the buttons perform for the Echo dot, it’s going to be dependent on the Echo dot’s model. The answer is dependent upon the Echo dot’s age. It’s likely to include up and possibly four buttons.

This button to be used as a call to wake up, and it will activate the microphone and turn off the Microphone too. There are also two buttons to adjust the volume.

What is the meaning of Alexa powered devices:

  • The top-quality products of Amazon that have Alexa capable are numerous. The devices that are part of Alexa are powered by the Amazon and can be classified as ultra-smart gadgets that make your life much easier.
  • The days are long gone, where you have to check your phone or watch for the time. With just one button from anyplace within the space, you can use the Alexa powered device can be controlled.

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