Alexa Not Working On SONOS: Quickly Fix it

Alexa Not Working On SONOS

Are you experiencing issues with the Sonos system not responding properly to Alexa commands or is it unable comprehend what you’re talking about? Whatever the reason, if Alexa does not work on Sonos due to some reason or another There are solutions for each problem.

There are a variety of solutions that are quick and easy that could help fix the problem. Try first the simple fixes. If you’re not successful these advanced fixes will definitely be beneficial.

Why Is Alexa Not Working On Sonos?

Alexa that isn’t working on my Sonos is likely to be caused by a variety of causes. The cause could be as simple as a mic that is muted or as complicated as an issue with a malfunctioning piece of equipment.

Whatever the reason it is, there are ways to troubleshoot to help in solving the issue.

Outdated Sonos App

To give the best customer experience Sonos regularly releases upgrades. You Alexa might not function because of an out-of-date Sonos application.

To ensure optimal performance Make sure that the application is running the latest version of the application.

The Mic Is On Mute

You might have neglected to switch on the microphone and this is a simple reason to understand the reason Alexa isn’t functioning properly with Your Sonos system.

Examine the small round led light in your device to ensure it’s working. The microphone is activated when there is a white light. If not, turn it on with the mouse.

Sonos Skill Not Linked Properly To Alexa

It is possible to have issues with synchronization Alexa as well as your Sonos are synchronized because it’s an app that’s external.

The solution is starting the Sonos skill within Alexa. Alexa application. If you follow this procedure it’s likely that it will work and there’ll be no issues in the future.

Get in touch with Sono Support or report diagnostics through the app if your device is experiencing problems. They’ll guide users through the process in a more efficient manner.

Quick Fixes To Alexa Not Working On Sonos

Check If The Microphone Is On

It is possible to turn your microphone off in case do not wish for your Sonos device to remain operating in active mode. This will mean that the Sonos will cease to listen to your commands. If the microphone is turned switched off, the device will not listen to and understand any voice messages.

In the event that you find that the Alexa isn’t working, the cause might be that the microphone is off. If the status light for your microphone is not on in the display of the Sonos device, it signifies that the microphone is off. To turn it on, simply tap the microphone icon until you can see the light come to.

Most people, however, confuse the center status button for the microphone button. The microphone button in Sonos Sonos device is an arrow under the icon for the microphone. If this light is illuminated it means that the microphone is turned on and Alexa is able to hear you. If it’s off Alexa cannot hear your commands after switching the microphone on.

Try to command Alexa Now.

Move Your Sonos Product Closer To You

When interruptions occur the system is unable to Sonos to hear what you are saying. By removing obstructions like wires or the solid barriers between them and closing the gap between yourself and Sonos could allow Sonos to hear you more clearly.

Move the Sonos away from the walls, the other speakers and other background sounds is recommended. Talk to Alexa right now and it should work.

If this doesn’t be the case, you can try setting your Sonos device nearer than your router. Sometimes due to poor connectivity, Alexa is unable to listen properly, leading to slow response. Perhaps doing this will resolve the issue of Alexa not working with Sonos.

Re-Enable Sonos Skill

It is essential to connect to your Sonos account to an Amazon account in order to have Alexa operate for the Sonos device, you will also must activate the Sonos feature on Alexa. Alexa app.

Enabling and disabling Sonos capabilities can make Alexa to work with your Sonos device once more. It’s the expectation that it will solve any issue caused by which Alexa cannot work using the Sonos device.

To turn off Sonos skills , first open your Alexa app. Click on the Moremenu at the bottom left corner. Now, tap on Skills & GamesYour SkillsSonosDisableSkill. After the skill has been disabled it is possible to enable it by clicking the Enableskill. You can try communicating with your Sonos device today.

Restart Your Sonos Device

If Alexa isn’t working after restarting the Sonos capability in Alexa’s Alexa application, then the issue could be in the Sonos device, not Alexa. Restarting your Sonos device can most probably fix the issue in your Sonos device.

To do this, simply disconnect your Sonos device by taking it from its power outlet. It will take a few minutes before connecting the adapter once more. It will take a few minutes for Sonos to restart. Sonos device to reboot and then come back online. When it is back online, you can say Alexa to see if Alexa listens.

Amazon Links One Account Per Sonos System

Are you aware that you are only able to connect only one Amazon account to a Sonos system? If you own an Sonos system in another city and you want to connect another Amazon account. Sonos systems under one roof will require only one Amazon account.

So, for example you have a functioning Sonos system in your home, linked to an Amazon account and are now looking to buy an entirely new Sonos to your dorm space and you want to make use of the same Amazon account to connect those.

You’ll have to sign up for an account on Amazon in order to be able to utilize Alexa to connect with Sonos there. This could be the reason that Alexa does not work in Your Sonos system. Make a new account on Amazon and connect to your Sonos device to an amazon account to resolve the problem.

Update To The Latest Firmware

Sometimes, outdated firmware could make it difficult to sync and working with your system. In this case, it is advised that you keep your Sonos system up-to-date.

It is possible to use your Sonos controller to upgrade Your Sonos firmware with the most recent software version. On your Sonos app, go to SettingsSystem System Updates.

Look for any updates and upgrade it in the event that it is there is. It takes only a few minutes of checking for updates and then a few additional minutes to finish the download. You can also turn off the auto update option to ensure that your system is current in a timely manner.

Restart immediately after the firmware update. Try to communicate via Alexa.

You may also look for versions of your Alexa app to ensure that it is working properly. After you’ve upgraded each of the Sonos along with Alexa applications to the most recent version, you can try commanding Alexa to do it again and it should be working.

Advanced Fixes To Make Alexa Work On Sonos

If the quick fixes above do not work for you it is possible to unregister your Sonos device with your amazon account. This will resolve any issue which might be blocking the access of Alexa through Sonos devices.

First Step: Turn off the skill, and remove your registration

To deregister your Sonos device on amazon, follow:

  • The first step is to first disable the Sonos skill in your Alexa app. To do this, launch the Alexa app, then go to the menu, select Games and Skills> Your Skills > Sonos> disable
  • For now, to sign up your Sonos device on Amazon start by opening the Amazon account from your smartphone or in your browser.
  • After logging in, navigate to Manage Your Content and Devices.
  • Within the Devices You will find the devices that are connected to amazon.
  • Simply click on the Sonos device you wish to remove from registration.
  • Click on Deregister. This will deregister or take away any Sonos gadget from Amazon.

Step 2: Disable voice control

Also, you must disable voice control on Sonos. Sonos app. To do this,

  • On the Sonos app Go in Settings> Services and Voice
  • Choose Amazon Alexa under the Voice & Services choices
  • The following list will show the Sonos device that is connected to Alexa. Select the Sonos device that has the issue.
  • Now tap on RemoveAlexa.

Step 3. Log out of Amazon apps in general.

It is the next thing to do: sign out of all Amazon apps to make sure Alexa has the correct Amazon account associated with your device. Sometimes, due to multiple devices and several Amazon accounts Alexa is confused.

So, you must sign out of every Amazon accounts, whether it’s Amazon app, Alexa application, Amazon application or Amazon account that is logged into your web browser.

Step 4. Setup Alexa once more

Now is the time to setup the devices starting from beginning to finish. The first step is to open Sonos’ Sonos app and turn on voice control via Alexa again. If you are prompted to sign into the account you have created with your Amazon account, make sure you are logged in to the right account.

Once you’re all is set, you can try communicating with Alexa using Your Sonos device. This will surely resolve the issue.

Take Support From Sonos Customer Care

If none of the suggestions above failed, your alternative is to contact Sonos support for assistance. While a few of these previously mentioned solutions for troubleshooting are offered by Sonos only however, you are still able to attempt to get help by calling support.

You can state that you’ve tried the simple and more complex fixes, but the Sonos isn’t answering to Alexa. To get in touch with Sonos support go to Sonos’ official web site, and click”Get Support.

Enter your location and select one of two choices for support: live chat or by phone. For calls, call them by dialing 800 5 01570. The hours of operation will be listed based on your location.

You can also send emails to the CEO of their company, Patrick Spence.

If Sonos does not resolve your problem or issue and you blame Amazon (Alexa) as the source of your issue, then contact Amazon support at Amazon’s Amazon app.


All of the solutions above are guaranteed and have assisted a lot of users to resolve the problem. The two most common fixes are making sure and double-checking that the microphone isn’t working properly. Additionally, you’re connecting to your Sonos gadget to the correct Amazon account. If you’re not sure what Amazon account is linked to a specific Sonos device, go to Amazon App> Account > Manage Content and Devices> The Devices tab and then check the devices connected with your Amazon account.

If the Sonos device isn’t included in the list It means that it could be that your Sonos device isn’t connected to Alexa or you have an alternative Amazon account that is linked to it.

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