Why Is Alexa Not Playing Apple Music? 6 Quick Fixes

alexa Not Playing Apple Music

Its Apple Music library has millions of songs to listen to while traveling or just relaxing at home. Alongside Siri you can also listen to songs with Alexa via Apple Music. But what if Alexa not playing Apple Music? If this is the case, we’ll let users know the causes and ways to resolve it.

Your Alexa cannot use the iCloud Library and play your music or playlist for different reasons. If that’s the case it is best to try a few options such as starting the Alexa as well as updating apps. You can disable explicit filtering and Relink Apple Music and reset the device as the final option.

The ability to listen to music through an Alexa device when you’ve given commands for your preferred song is an amazing experience. However, it can ruin your day if you experience problems with the Alexa device and it is unable to play music. Follow this article until the end of this article if you would like to learn the reason and possible solutions.

Can Alexa Play Apple Music Or Not

The short answer is yes. Alexa can be used when paired with Apple Music thanks to its advanced features and integration. There are many comparable options that aren’t available on every gadget. We like the compatibility with other smart devices, as well as video and audio services such as Apple Music.

Alexa includes a built-in music library. However, there is also music from the Apple Music library. You can utilize your voice to control playlists as well as play and pause and also reverse and forward tracks. All you have to do is establish Apple Music using Alexa by using the Alexa app and an Apple ID.

Causes Alexa Can’t Play Apple Music

As we’ve mentioned that there are a variety of reasons as to why Alexa isn’t able to access Apple Music. It’s not easy to determine the cause precisely, but there are some frequent problems. They block the Alexa device from connecting to iTunes Music Library Apple Music Library or don’t respond to commands. This includes:

  • Your internet connection may not be functioning properly.
  • Your Alexa device isn’t far enough from your voice to be able to understand your commands.
  • Your device’s version may be old enough to not work.
  • The accounts you have may have problems and may be inactive.
  • The device may require a reset to allow you to play your music.

There are many common issues which can cause problems when you play songs that are downloaded from Apple Music via Alexa. But don’t be worried as there are ways to solve the issue with Alexa in the event that it’s not responding to your instructions. Find the solutions below if you think you find that your Alexa device isn’t streaming Apple Music.

Solutions To Apple Music Not Working On Alexa

Nowis the time to talk about the issue in the moment. Before you try one of the methods below look for the cause. If you can pinpoint a specific reason, take note of your reasons to resolve the problem. To fix the issue, you may require trying any of these strategies or ultimately, try all of them in turn.

Restart Your Alexa Device

When the Alexa devices suddenly ceases to function, and you’ve been unable to access Apple Music it may be a problem. In this instance the best solution is to turn off the device and then wait an amount of time. After restarting, your device access may be restored. Here’s how to start restarting Alexa:

  • Unplug your Alexa device from power.
  • Alexa will shut off and then wait for several seconds.
  • The wire is then plugged back into the adapter for power.

After your Alexa device is restarted, try to send instructions to the device. The device should now work However, you need to be sure to look for other issues if not work.

Update The Alexa App

Your WhatsApp application won’t work properly in the event that it’s not up-to-date. What do you think of your Alexa application? Can it be used? Never! If your Alexa has problems playing Apple Music, you must determine if a new version exists for your app. You can follow these instructions to upgrade your app:

  • Open App Store on iPhone or Play Store on Android
  • Find the term “Alexa” in the search bar that is at the top.
  • You’ll be able to get the Alexa app when a new update is made available
  • Click Download to download or install it in order to run the latest version.

After installation, you can attempt to instruct Alexa to play music that are available on Apple Music. If that doesn’t work, you can try an update to the App Music application.

Update The Apple Music App

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If you update the Alexa app doesn’t work for you, you can check your Apple Music app for an update. However, this isn’t like the moment you start making changes to on the Apple Music application. Before that, you have to upgrade the Alexa app to see if the root problem could be in the Alexa app. Here’s how to make changes to this app: 1. Apple Music App:

For Android (Play Store)

  • Start your phone’s Play Store app on your smartphone.
  • Google Apple Music in the search bar.
  • Find out if a fresh update is available.
  • Download the file for the upgrade to download it.

For Apple (App Store)

On Apple devices, such as the iPhone The update works in conjunction with an operating system (OS) version. To upgrade to the Apple Music App on an Apple device Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Tap Software Updates.
  • Tap Automatic Updates.
  • Download and Install.

When you upgrade the OS or updating the App Music app, your App Music application will update itself automatically when there is a new version available.

Disable Alexa’s Explicit Filtering

The majority of us aren’t interested in viewing inappropriate content. That’s why explicit filters can be useful. If you have an Alexa is equipped with an explicit filter set It may not be compatible when using Apple Music. Why is that? It’s because certain music services do not permit explicit filtering. You need to turn it off.

To enable Apple Music work on your Alexa device take these steps to disable explicit filtering:

  • Launch your Alexa application on your smartphone.
  • Choose the 3 line Menu option.
  • On the menu screen, select Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and then select Music and Podcasts.
  • There’s an Explicit Language filter option.
  • Turn off the function if disabled.

If you turn off this feature, Alexa might work now. You can give commands and see whether everything is functioning properly. If you’re still having issues proceed to the next option.

Unlink and Relink Apple Music

Try this approach as a means of restarting the Alexa device. You’ll need to uninstall from your account the Apple Music account from your Alexa application. Also, connect Apple Music to reset the account. Following this procedure it is likely good that the issue will be solved.

To remove Apple Music from your account, follow these steps: Apple Music, follow these steps:

  • Launch your Alexa application on your smartphone.
  • The upper right corner is where you can select in the upper left corner, click on Menu option.
  • Navigate to Settings Scroll down to Settings.
  • Click on Music and Podcasts from the menu.
  • Choose Apple Music in the drop-down menu.
  • Turn off the ability to securely remove the link to Apple Music.

Then, reboot and also the Alexa device and the application. To reconnect Apple Music, follow the steps below:

  • Start your Alexa application on your smartphone.
  • Click on Menu and go to Settings.
  • Scroll screen , then tap Music and Podcasts.
  • Click Apple Music from the drop-down menu.
  • Follow the screen instructions to log in.

Once you’ve added the Apple Music account again, issue a command for the song you want to play If it is successful. If this doesn’t succeed, the next option is to reset your device.

Factory Reset Your Alexa Device

The last thing you should do to resolve Alexa not streaming Apple Music will be resetting your Alexa device. Before you reset your device, keep in mind that you’ll lose all your preferences. But, it won’t impact your Amazon account You can restart it following the reset.

  • Start your Alexa application Go to Devices.
  • In the list of devices Click to select Echo & Alexa.
  • Choose your device from the options.
  • Open the Settings on the device you want to use.
  • On the bottom there’s a the words Registered To.
  • On the right hand side Tap Deregister or Reset.

This last option works in most situations. It is recommended to reach out to customer support If it’s not working even after you reset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the reason why Alexa refusing to play music on Apple Music?

Alexa is unable to listen to music on Apple Music due to many reasons. One reason is the internet connectivity. The Alexa phone or Alexa app could be old and block the access of Alexa Music. The account you have with Amazon as well as Apple account may be in trouble and may not function properly.

Does Apple Music play on Echo dot?

It is true that Echo Dot is compatible in conjunction with Alexa Music, and you can connect them effortlessly. You’ll require an Amazon account as well as an active account with Apple Music. Through these accounts you’ll be in a position to create an Echo dot quickly and easily listen and play your playlist of choice.

How can Do I make Alexa to access in my Apple Music?

You can stream Apple Music on Alexa through the steps below:

  • Start your Alexa application on your smartphone.
  • Choose the 3 line Menu located in the upper left corner.
  • In the lower right corner of the menu Click on Setting.
  • Scroll down to the Settings page and then tap Music and Podcasts.
  • On the next page, click at that Link New Service option.
  • From the menu of items you can click upon Apple Music. Apple Music button.
  • On the bottom on the page, click the Enable To Use option.
  • Log in using in your Apple Music account credentials to login.


A simple restart or an update for either the Alexa phone and/or Alexa or the Apple Music app work. If none of these perform for you, try switching off explicit filtering, or consider a reset option. Implementing these strategies will resolve the issue of Alexa not being able to play Apple Music.

Contact customer service if you have tried every one of these approaches and still have the problem. They’ll help you know what’s the cause and assist you with fixing the issue. Before you decide to go for the reset or support follow the same steps repeatedly.

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