Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 2018: Release Date, Latest Updates

Akatsuki No Yona is one of the most awaited and popular anime series, in 2014 the producers Fandompost officially announced that they will bring two seasons of Akatsuki back to back just with the gap of around one and half years. After this declaration and release of Akatsuki No Yona season 1 it has been two years but there is no official update related to the release date of Akatsuki No Yona Season 2. “Yona of the Dawn” anime is an adaptation from most famous Manga series of Japan and very soon it gets too much publicity, the first season aired with total 24 episodes from 7 October 2014 to 24 March 2015 which was created and produced by Pierrot Co. Ltd. and after it Funimation purchased all rights related to this series for territories of North America.

After being excited with first season success, Funimation also wants the makers to produce Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 early. Furious and disappointed with this delay fans are commenting, sharing their feelings and also writing the petition that they need the next season and waiting very desperately. This manga series is composed of with 23 volumes and now new 8 volumes have been updated in this list and very soon producers will get enough content for making next season but still there is no response from the makers related to next season.

There is no doubt that Akatsuki season 2 will release but when it is still a suspense as the first season got tremendous hit in 2014 and the climax is getting written. This anime series is based on a revenge and you have definitely heard about the Game of Thrones which is one of the most popular TV series all across the world. The question is why we are telling about GOT it is because there is lots of comparison in between Akatsuki No Yona and Game of Thrones.

Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 2018 Release Date

What is there in this anime series?

The story of Akatsuki No Yona is like a fairy tale whose story revolves around the princess Yona daughter of King II who is completely unaware about the survival and life, she is the sole heiress of her Kingdom Kouka. Yona falls in the love of Soo-Won her childhood crush and he is also falling for her but then everything changes on the sixteenth birthday of princess Yona when Soo-won kills her father and betrays Yona. After killing her father he comes toward Yona to kill her but Son hak bodyguard of Yona saves her from him.

The character of Yona in this anime is almost similar to the character of Daenery Targaryen of GOT, they both get betrayed by their lovers and forced to live a non-identical and vulnerable lifestyle. They both become the strongest character of this series completely different from their behavior and nature. This series is written by Mizuho a female artist in 2009.

His bodyguard takes her very far from kingdom in a forest where they met with an old priest Ik-soo who gives a prophecy that Yona will be able to become queen if she finds the four enlisted dragon warriors whose names are Shin ah (Blue Dragon), Kija (White Dragon), Zeno (Yellow Dragon) and Kija (White Dragon). We have seen the past stories of all three warriors except Yellow Dragon Zeno in Akatsuki No Yona Season 1.

Hak is almost similar to the Jorah Mormont who is having feelings for Daenerys but never disclose them to her and always takes her care anyhow. Hak who is the bodyguard of Yona is always protective and possessive for her and is also in love with her from childhood but never show his feelings for her and also wanted that Soo-wan and Yona should marry each other before this betrayal.

What can we expect in season 2?

The first season of this anime series was beautifully screened and shows how a young normal girl can become a powerful woman with pleasant soundtrack and music also. In the first season, there were total 24 episodes and same is expected with Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 and the first season is only covered with 8 volumes out of 23 volumes from this popular manga series.

There is still doubt whether season 2 release or not as the producers of Akatsuki, Pierrot has released an original video animation (OVA) during 2016 which displays the back story of yellow dragon Zeno which was the mystery of season 2, after its release there are many rumors what will happen next will Akatsuki No Yona season 2 got aired or not and if in case this will not happen then millions of fans will got disappointing.

Latest Updates related to Akatsuki No Yona Season 2

The first anime season cover 8 volumes of manga series from total 23 volumes so this means that there is no shortage of content for next season and due to the great hit of the first season, there is enough budget for making of next season. As it is quite disappointing that after declaring back to back seasons of Akatsuki anime series producers fail in fulfilling there promise but there are hopes for its release.

There are more chances that Pierrot will definitely return back with another season but currently, there are no hopes for its early release but there are chances that Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 will come somewhere in the year 2018.

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