Ajin Season 3 Release Date, What You should Expect 2018

Ajin Season 3 Release Date 2018. After the success of Ajin Season 1 and 2, it has been announced that next season will release after April 2018. Ajin anime series is adapted from the Japanese light novel Ajin Demi Human which has achieved great success in Japan and other countries with its great success Ajin has also made a great fan base who all are waiting desperately for the release of Ajin Season 3, there wait is about to end as this season is going to release in 2018.

This world of Ajin was created by the writer of Manga Series Gamon Sakurai during the year 2012. After the hit of this series, it got translated into movie and anime adaptation by Polygon Pictures. The third film of Ajin: Demi Human movie trilogy was got a successful end during September 2016 and with its end anime lovers of this season wondering whether the Ajin season 3 release or got canceled ? There are chances of its release in 2018, based on its movie version we will be going to see almost the same concept and screenplay in anime adaptation season 3.

Ajin Season 3 Release Date
                                                          Ajin Season 3 Release Date 2018

In 2014 there was an announcement from Polygon Pictures that they are thinking over the Ajin: Demi Human movie trilogy and at the same time they also declared if the movie got enough success then they are also considered to bring a TV series and anime series. After the release of first part of movie Ajin: Shodo get a huge level of success in Japan as well as in other countries also later inspired by this great hit Polygon Pictures decided to launch a TV series since now back to back two seasons has been aired and now fans are waiting for Ajin Season 3.

These season of Ajin TV series got aired on CBC, MBS, and TBS on 16 January 2016 and gain a great review with lots of viewers. The first season in total achieved approx 1 million viewers with a stable viewership in the whole season while the grand finale of it got more than 1.35 million viewers with increased success rate. Netflix inspired a lot with this achievement and success in Japan and release the first season on 12 April 2016 and second season on 8 October 2016.

A screenplay for Ajin: Demi Human

If we talk about the story of Ajin: demi Human, it is based on the life of a school going boy named as Kei Nagai who met with a deadly road accident later he found that he is Ajin or an immortal after discovery of this fact the government following the strict laws towards Ajin put up a bounty on his head. Now, there is a difficult situation in front of Kei he has to save his life and also prove that Ajin’s are not always harmful they can also help society by doing various acts.

After knowing that Kei is an Ajin he becomes wanted as the government wants to capture him and perform several non-human experiments over him. He anyhow succeeds in escaping himself with the help of his childhood friend Kaito from the police and employees of the government.

After some time there an Ajin war happens in which Ajin’s were opposed to this cruelty towards them but Kei stops this movement and becomes the member of Ajin society. He comes to learn that their leader Satou has a motive of the conflict who wants to form an immortal army and wants to rule over Japan. After a great conflict in between Kei and Satou during the second season, we found that Satou once again managed to escape himself and will again come with a more dangerous motive of destruction.

So, from this hint of last season, there are hopes that in season 3 we will get a conclusion what will happen to Satou, what are his intentions or plannings with a great climax.

Updates related to Ajin Season 3

Polygon Pictures have released its both seasons in 2016 with total 12 episodes each. Later on, the anime show also released on Netflix after seeing its success rate in Japan and other countries as there is still no official declaration related to the release date of Ajin Season 3 but there are hopes that it will come somewhere in 2018. As the announcement by polygon pictures has been made for this season once the anime will release it will definitely be updated on Netflix also.

The output has been received from Polygon pictures related to season 1 and 2, said that both seasons got tremendous hits with good reviews from critics and audience world wide so they will come soon with Ajin season 3 which will be the last season with its conclusion and continued story of Ajin and their conflict with government in context to save their identity.

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