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Recent Trump’s Visit to Asia Aims and Results

Recent Trump’s Visit to Asia: Aims and Results

Politics is an inevitable part of our daily life. It is the most discussed sphere in media and even in education. Students are often assigned to write essays about famous politics analyzing their achievements and failures. It is not a secret that nowadays D. Trump is the figure who is much spoken about. He has become the key character of college papers as well. However, some students aren’t interested in his personality giving preference to the use of cheap essay writing in order not to spend their free time evaluating the methods used by the US president.

President of the United States Donald Trump is constantly accused of something both within the country and abroad. Sometimes it is fair, sometimes not. Republican Senator Bob Crocker, a former colleague of Trump, accused the president recently that he refers to his duties as to the “reality show.” This may lead, in the final analysis, to the Third World War. Alas, he is right.

Trump behaves like a businessman and a showman even in the presidential chair, having neither thoughtful foreign policy nor his own team to carry it out.  He is surrounded by the neo-globalists and “hawks” in the White House. Trump urged them to protect him from Democrats and Liberals. He sees his role in making formidable statements, deliberately frightening the unpredictability of US foreign policy opponents, but seeing at the same time his main task in promoting the American economic interests in the world.

The Aim of Trump’s Trip to Japan and Korea

Under the sign of this approach, Trump made the two-week foreign trip to Japan and South Korea. Next, in line, there are China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Answering journalists’ questions on board of the presidential airliner concerning the main goals of his visit to Asian countries, Trump said: “The main emphasis will obviously be on North Korea, but very, very much emphasis will be placed on fair trade. And this is very important for me”. He added that he was confident of “great success”. Of course, Trump did not open the third main goal of the visit: to expose himself – for the domestic consumption – to the master of the world, in every possible way demonstrating his “coolness” towards the “bad guy” – North Korea, in order to slightly raise his flawed ratings. For this Trump has already been named the insane old man.

A Bit of Statistics About Trump’s Trust Rating

According to a poll published by The Washington Post and ABC, Trump’s trust rating has reached a record low among US presidents over the past 70 years. 65% of respondents do not trust Trump. Just as many believe that during his tenure at the presidential post, Trump did not achieve any results.

Only 35% of respondents rated the work of their president positively. Even his policy in the field of economy, which Trump regards as his “hobby”, 53% of Americans are unhappy with, 70 percent don’t approve the reform of the health care system, and 70% are against the race relations in the USA. About 40% think that Trump can be considered a strong leader.  According to the latest public opinion poll in the US, 65% of Americans do not trust Trump and these figures can’t be ignored.

Royal Reception of Trump in Seoul

In November 2017 Trump went to South Korea. President of this country, Mun Zhe Ying for the first time in the history welcomed the head of another state not in his Seoul residence, but directly at the airport. After that, the leaders of the two countries went to eat in the dining room at the American base, “to inspire the personnel.” Thus, they tried once again to intimidate Pyongyang: behold, our union is firmer than ever, America will protect us, just try to touch us.

But Trump, of course, did not forget about the economy either, saying upon arrival in South Korea about “excellent cooperation” between the two countries, stressing also the importance of forthcoming talks with the South Korean leadership on bilateral trade issues.

“We hope that we can start solving problems in order to create jobs in the United States, which is one of the purposes of my visit here,” the US president said. He transparently hinted that South Korea would have to shell out for the American defense by means of the most serious concessions in the economic sphere. In ordinary life, this is called “money for protection.”

How was Trump Met by Public?

The South Korean public met the US president with two demonstrations at the American embassy. Participants of one of them, waving star-and-striped flags, unfurled banners “Protect us from the nuclear ambitions of Kim Jong-un!”. Other demonstrators, who were slightly more, brandished posters: “No Trump, no war!”, “The US, hands off Korea”, “Yankees, go home!”.

What are the Results of Trump’s Visit to Japan?

The same was in Japan where Trump offered to get a lot of American military equipment. Trump’s visit to Japan showed that he intends to act in Asia, ignoring the collective framework of economic interaction. This became apparent already after the US refused the Trans-Pacific Partnership when they relied on bilateral relations. It seems that this approach is the most stable part of American foreign policy under President Trump. Washington intends to talk with each country face to face, to impose its own rules of the game to it, without incurring any obligations. And to use as their means of economic pressure their military power, complex relations among themselves among a number of countries in the region, offering them “protection” from each other.

In the media sense, the presidential tour was as usual. Hostile media as hunting for Trump’s errors. The current owner of the White House really at times shows his rude, unpretentious manners, which for sure greatly offend the refined Asians.

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