5 WhatsApp Messages Backup Solutions You Should Know

Today, WhatsApp has become one of the most used communication apps for both Android and iOS users. The app can hold important personal and business chats, and that’s why it is advisable to maintain a backup. There exist different ways to back up your WhatsApp chats, and this article will cover five backup solutions that you need to know.

5 WhatsApp messages backup solutions you should know (1)

1. Backing WhatsApp data on iPhone

You can backup and restore WhatsApp messages on your iOS device by relying on dr.fone – Restore Social App. It is a toolkit that gives you a one-click solution to backing your messages. It allows you to back up even photos and videos, which you can later retrieve and restore in your phone.

You can also rely on this toolkit to transfer and restore your iPhone WhatsApp data to an Android or iOS device.

When you launch the toolkit, select the Restore Social App Feature, and then click on the WhatsApp tab and pick to backup WhatsApp data. The backup process begins automatically, and after it’s completed, you can view the backed up files.

2. Backup of WhatsApp data on Android devices using Google Drive

Android phones are connected to a Google account, which allows you to maintain a MySQL backup to recover your data later easily. If you use an Android device, you can back up your messages on Google Drive by following straightforward steps.

First, you need to launch your WhatsApp, and then go to Settings, then click on Chats. After that, click on Chat Backup icon to explore the available options. You can press Backup Now to back up your data immediately, or you can select Backup to Google Drive. This action links your WhatsApp to your Google account to save the data to your Google Drive.

3. Backup your iOS WhatsApp data to iCloud

If you use an iPad or an iPhone, you can easily backup your WhatsApp data to your iCloud. But that’s if it has adequate free space.

The first step requires you to unlock your device then click on your WhatsApp. Press the menu icon, and click on settings. Next, click on Chat Settings, and then select Chat Backup. You can turn on the automatic backup option or do it manually. This option also allows you to choose whether you want to backup your videos or not.

4. Backup your WhatsApp chats on your Android Device Storage

Interestingly, you don’t always have to rely on cloud services to back up your important messages. You can also back up the messages on your local storage. Albeit, this option only works for Android users.

When you back up your data on Google Drive, your device also retains a copy on your Android device storage. To access the backed up data, click on file manager, then proceed to internal storage. Click on the WhatsApp folder, then open the Database folder. You will find your files with a .db extension.

5. Backup your data with iTunes

If you’re looking for an offline WhatsApp backup solution for your iOS device, then you might want to consider backing up the data with iTunes.

You need to connect your iPhone to the system, then launch iTunes. Afterward, proceed to the Summary Tab of the connected device. You will see a backup section with several backup options. Choose the This Computer option, and then tap on the Backup Now button.

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