5 Movies that Anushka Sharma Rejected in her Filmy Career

Anushka sharma is counted under the top big actresses among the bollywood divas. Since the starting of her career, she did awesome movies like band baja baarat. I remember each of scene of that movie. That was a different shade movie that I watched with my family. Her acting was so great in that movie. Afterwards, we did so many awesome projects.

anushka sharma

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Get back to the main point. We were talking about the 5 projects which could have proved a milestone in Anushka’s career. So let’s start counting them.

1. Tamasha:

Ranbir kapoor starrer movie got rejected by the Anushka Sharma then it went into the account of Dipika padukone. It could be a big lead in her career. But the destiny was in different mood

2. 2 States:

Don’t know why did Anushka rejected the script of 2 States. I read out the novel 2 states and found it awesome with a cool storyline. Before having the Arjun kapoor and Alia it was in Anushka’s kitty. You need to know that the film was big commercial success in the history. The movie was quite cool.

3. Ki and KA

With this movie, Anushka had a chance to do a different zoner movie. But she rejected the script before it happens.

4. Bar bar dekho

Farhan Akthar approached Anu for a role in this movie, but she has few more roles according to the sources so she did the same, refused the proposal.

5. Allu Arjun:

Anushka Sharma rejected due to some dates and fees issue. It shows that Anushka is doing well in bollywood which is a great sign for female actors.

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