4 Ways To Fix Alexa Problem Entering Pairing Mode

4 Ways To Fix Alexa Problem Entering Pairing Mode

In this article we will discuss the steps to solve Alexa Problem Entering on Pairing Mode

A lot of people’s lives have been made easier through Amazon’s Alexa that performs a variety of useful functions and allows us to control the many devices in our homes by using our voice. Amazon’s a variety of Echo devices are able to connect to and pair to Bluetooth devices like headphones and speakers. This is very helpful. Bluetooth allows you to connect your smartphones and tablets to Echo devices.

If you try to connect your Echo device to other Bluetooth devices, you might have a problem when you try to connect, and Alexa might say “trouble entering pairing mode.” Many have experienced this problem and the fact that you’re here suggests that you’ve also experienced it.

The causes of Bluetooth connectivity issues with Amazon Echo devices

Think about a scenario where your Alexa is working perfectly. You’re enjoying music or checking the weather and connecting Bluetooth devices to other devices. Then, one day, Alexa refuses to link to other gadgets. Aren’t you scared? There are many factors that can cause an issue that is so gruelling. After receiving a lot of questions, our staff did some research and found the following causes that are typical for the Alexa Issues Getting into the Pairing Mode Problem:

Profiles for Bluetooth

Anyone who isn’t a technical expert might find it difficult to understand Bluetooth profiles. To clarify it is that an Bluetooth profile refers to a common format that controls the way Bluetooth devices communicate and interact. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile(A2DP) and the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile are two Bluetooth profiles that Amazon Echo supports. When your Bluetooth device isn’t compatible with the profiles mentioned above, then it will not join with Amazon Echo, and Alexa will show an error message that reads “trouble entering pairing mode” warning.

Issues of Proximity

Bluetooth’s connection can be used for a long distance that is similar to others wireless communications. Bluetooth transmissions can reach an maximum range of 32 feet (approximately 10 meters). The more reliable connectivity, the closer you will be close to your Echo device. The Bluetooth signal gets weaker when you are further of the gadget, which makes it more susceptible to interference from other components we’ve discussed earlier. Perhaps you’re just too far from the device and this is why you’re getting that “problem entering repair mode” signal.

Interference Challenges

Bluetooth signaling has been found to be impeded by certain devices. Baby monitors and microwaves are the two most common causes of this issue. Because both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth utilize identical frequencies, Bluetooth devices such as your Wi-Fi router can hinder Bluetooth. Physical obstructions in your home such as walls and furniture, can affect Bluetooth transmissions.

Updates to Software

As with other devices, Amazon Echo devices receive regular software updates. If you haven’t updated the firmware of the Amazon Echo, you may be experiencing issues having issues with Bluetooth communication. Therefore, receiving an “trouble entering pairing mode” notification could be common.

How to Solve Alexa Entering Pairing Mode Issue

Let’s get straight to the issue – how do you correct this “problem entering pairing mode” Alexa error? Once you’ve identified the issue that is the cause We’ll show you the steps to solve the issue. Therefore, no matter what the problem you’ll find an answer in the following list.

Check for Software Updates on Your Echo Device

Simply say “Check for software updates” to your Echo device And Alexa will look for new updates and notify you. If you’re not yet installing an update, it’s most likely the reason for the issue and installing the update will resolve the issue.

It is recommended to determine if Your Device supports Bluetooth Profiles.

It isn’t necessary to be an Bluetooth expert to determine the Bluetooth profile that your device can support. The information is available in the user manual and will likely be included within the specifications list. If your device does not have the support for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) or the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile, Alexa won’t be able to link to it. In particular, there’s no solution to this issue so that the device will not be able to associate with Alexa. It is necessary to buy an alternative device that can support these two Bluetooth profile that Echo devices can support. The good news is that now that you know the issue it’s easier to think about reviewing the profile of every Bluetooth product you purchase in the near future to make sure it works with Alexa.

Beware of anything that could affect an echo machine.

If you’re unable to connect Alexa using the Bluetooth device located near a WiFi router or microwave, or a baby monitor, take them out of the device then try it again. If you’re trying to connect from a different location the signal interference could be an issue. Additionally, as mentioned previously that being too far from your Echo device may result in that Bluetooth connection to lose its connection. In the event that this was the reason of your problem Moving towards that Echo unit and away from where the interference is coming from could solve the issue.

Take out all devices that are paired and try pairing again.

If none of the above options will work Try clearing all connected devices from your Echo and re-pairing it. If you’re not sure what to do Follow these steps.

  • Click on ‘Devices’ in the Echoor Alexa App.
  • Select the model of the Echo device in the section ‘Echo and Alexa.’
  • Go to Bluetooth Devices’, where you’ll see a listing of all the devices that are connected.
  • To remove choose a device and select “Forget Device. Repeat the process for every devices until the listing of connected devices is complete.
  • Now it is time to reboot as well as your Amazon Echo and the Bluetooth device you want to connect with need to be rebooted.
  • When both devices have restarted then try pairing again, it should be working correctly.

How Do I Put My Echo Dot in Pairing Mode?

The Alexa app that you have on your smartphone or using a voice command is also a possibility to connect to your Echo Dot. For a start, you can utilize to use the Alexa app to put the Dot to pairing mode and after that, use the app to select the device you want to pair it to.

Once you’ve established the initial connection, you can utilize to speak commands like “Alexa, pair” or “Alexa, Bluetooth” to connect your Dot with the device previously linked. Both of these commands will let your Dot to start pairing mode and establish an existing connection to any previously connected device provided that the device is in close proximity and is connected to Bluetooth turned on.

  • To pair to an Echo Dot, follow these steps:
  • Connect your Bluetooth device with your PC.
  • On your phone, open your phone and launch the Alexa app.
  • The devices should be connected.
  • Switch toggling Echo as well as Alexa.
  • Choose your Echo Dot.
  • Click on Bluetooth Devices and choose it.
  • Choose the Pair A New device from the dropdown menu.
  • When the Alexa app searches for devices, please pause.
  • To join a telephone or speaker to other devices Press and hold the speaker, phone, or other devices.
  • The device you chose will display if pairing was successful in the list of devices that have been paired.


Does Alexa require a monthly cost?

For devices with Amazon Alexa There is no cost per month to utilize Alexa. You can purchase subscription services that cost the monthly cost for services, like Amazon Prime Services.

Is there music for available for free for Alexa?

Amazon makes it easier listening to (some) music at no cost. A majority of users are using Amazon Alexa speaker to enjoy music. If you own the Amazon Echo (or any smart speaker that has Alexa built-in) you are able to listen to music at no cost.


This is how you can resolve the issue of Alexa not going into pairing mode. Many have stated that the methods that we have discussed above have solved their Alexa pairing problems. We’d like to believe that this is your experience and you have succeeded in pairing your Alexa. If you’re still experiencing issues the only way to resolve it is to call their support team. You can contact Amazon’s support via their Alexa app and tell them about the issue you’re facing.

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